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Did You Ever Hear These Benefits of Pomegranates?

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

(Mrs. Nouman Masood, Lahore)

This tasty heaven fruit can extend you the benefits which you often try to obtain through expensive and bitter medicines.

Pomegranates are known among juicy and tasty fruits. It’s one of the fruits which are described in Quran Kareem. Allah says in Quran Kareem “there (in heavens) are fruits, dates and pomegranates”. Surah Rahman 68

Medics have enumerated several benefits of it. Holy Prophet ﷺ liked pomegranate. It’s mentioned in Quran Kareem in Surah Inaam Verse No. 100 & 142 and Surah Ar Rahman Verse No. 68 & 69. Some Hadiths stress it importance terming it pro digesting. All kinds of sweet pomegranate are anti constipation while its sweet and sour kinds are useful for stomach pain and heart trouble. Fresh pomegranate juice extends efficiency against fevers and weakness and relieves from thirst. This juice is also useful for liver, heart and kidneys and gripes etc.

Boil skin of pomegranate’s roots in four tolas (1 tola = 11.66375gms) of water even it remain half. Then strain out this water and make its three dosages. Feed first dosage with empty stomach in the morning and rest two dosages with the gape of one hour each. It will stop diarrheal discharge and relief weakness. Skin of its tree and root is also useful against intestinal worms particularly for tapeworm. Seeds of sour pomegranate are also useful in medicines. Mix one tablespoon of its seeds in one cup of whole gram sop and drink to extract urinary bladder and kidneys stone. Extract juice of sweet pomegranate, store in a bottle and keep under sunlight until it gets thicker. Apply this solid juice in both eyes through an appropriate stick to heal week vision problem.

Pomegranate makes heart stronger and useful against hepatitis. It makes abdomen soft and cleanse the face. Eat it to relieve from chest burning, and heat in stomach and liver. It’s useful against hepatitis cough and spleen. Calm people should not use soar pomegranate. There is also a famous herbal medicine produced from sweet and soar pomegranates against digestive problems also known as “Jwarish Anareen”.

 This tasty heaven fruit can extend you the benefits which you often try to obtain through expensive and bitter medicines.

Obesity: It’s anti-hunger as it has plenty of fiber therefore desire of much eating dies while makes digestive system in order and reduces constipation risk. It’s considered best supplement to reduce body weight as it has no fat.

Warts & Acnes: Drink its juice eight ounce daily to cleanse your skin from acnes and warts etc.

Hair fall: fatty acid found in pomegranate makes hair roots stronger therefore reduces hair fall.

Cancer: Pomegranates contains antioxidants more than the green tea. Its regular usage protects against cancers of breast, intestines and bladder etc. Its skin contains Ellagic Acid which prevents against skin cancer.

Blood Loss: Pomegranate is a supporting fruit to increase the hemoglobin level as it contains vitamin C which increases iron. Using of pomegranate during pregnancy will help in anemia and stiffness.

For Heart disease and paralysis:

Presence of phytochemical reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, wherever using one ounce of pomegranate juice daily will reduce the blockage of blood clot in the vessels those who are responsible for heart attack and paralysis.

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