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The sad and hopeless and silent people from life may learn to live

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

Professor Memoona Agha, Islamabad

Silent nature man tries to hide and keep hidden his feelings and emotions and his personality in every possible way and to live a life away from the positive thinking people becomes his nature.

Life and death is one unignorably reality and such truth from which face cannot be turned but there is deep relation of silence also with this truth and reality. The life of a person is in talking and doing conversation, in expression of which thoughts, in making his idea reach to other people but all people who are taking breath in this world are not alike, some speak so some take help of silence. It is said that when the silence come suddenly in life of any person so his heart gets died and then slowly his whole body accept this peace and silence. Over there the meaning of silence is not at all that silence which is adopted sometimes under some wisdom and sometimes after looking at the sensitivity of the situation but this is the discussion of one such silence which when becomes the parts of human life so there comes the lack and intensity of feeling inside him, war of emotions and the noise of different feelings. He starts feeling that his presence or absence do not matter to anyone, no one is worried or tensed for him, nobody even care for him. He does not use to be the owner of these negative thoughts from forever and not these things are the part of his personality from childhood but few incidents happened in the life, some thorns which are passed make him like this that he stars feeling himself alone, helpless and lonely. Such matters to which he does not even expect and make him away from this world very slowly and he moves his direction towards death from the life by not even wanting it, the form of which can be anything. Over here meaning of death is not the separation of soul from body. This is not any such matter in which the soul at last gets sway from the body but this is the death of feelings and emoting in which a person lives and dies in every moment and seconds. The incidents which are passed, the present problems and treasures in life, the desires and never ending wishes make him push and make him die slowly and slowly. The one who lives a life under this kind of emotions and this feeling all the time that there is no one who understands him, he remains deprived of understanding man things himself also and he is not able to make others understand as well but he feels everything wrong. Few people lives with this negative thoughts and they try to spend it after thinking it as a part of life but the reality is only this that not they but the life I spend them. Such people do not express their feelings, some even ignore from this side after even knowing the faults of their own self and in fact they remain ignorant that it may not happen that someone may know their heart’s condition. Silent nature man tries to hide and keep hidden his feelings and emotions and his personality in every possible way and to live a life away from the positive thinking people becomes his nature.

If someone tries to take him out from the loneliness so he moves away his hand. He does not accept the compensation of past sadness or the correction of it. Even this that he loses the trust on the powerful feeling of love also. As a result of which sometimes negative attitudes like suicide also come in front. The people who are imprisoned in the circle of silence are desirable to attend the functions of sadness more than happiness because they get the opportunity to cry there without telling their pain. They like remaining away from people and they are lonely even in between tent thousand people. They do not like involvement of any one in their loneliness even this that they try to keep away their most beloved person also away in this moment of loneliness. They appear to be very much strong and courageous but they are weak and deep from inside on whom there use to be very much deep effect of little thing even although they do not see mostly the point of view of others in such direction in which they are told for made understand. Such person remains lonely even in between people. The body of who is somewhere so mind is roaming somewhere else and this is the reason that he keeps in view negative aspects more apart from positive aspects due to the reason of which others get much difficulty with it. When they try to make him understand for make him aware with the reality, this is one positive aspect that such person take care of others happiness more than his own and he do anything for giving others happiness. He hide his tears and he stop them and he proves himself strong like the shade but in loneliness there use to be no any man more eager and helpless than him. While spending life with such people these points shall be kept in mind always that do not try to insist them and to know about them all the time, the regularity of question can make them more confuse. For knowing the condition of their heart, intense love and feeling of affection is correct but the effort to know something after making them angry can bring false results also along with the stress and with it both relations can also be as risk that in the reply of positive acts even sometimes intense negative results come in front. Such people have the need of kindness and humbleness all the time and they are in need of that love and affection which any cruel moment of life has snatched from them and the compensation of it is possible with such attention, care and unlimited love only which may scratch the past from their mind. Such people can be seen somewhat happy and content in their close friends, family and people. But the one who may declare love with them so they seem sad depressed in front of them the reason of which can be some previous fear and doubt as well therefore do not try to compare their attitude with you so it is better. When you feel that they want to express their though openly on any topic so during that other conversations can also be done because at that time they are ready mentally to say and tell everything but this condition is very temporary for which patience and tolerance is very much important.

The meaning of life would be whatever near to these people but they know the meaning of the language of love and affection very well and these feelings are known by them like their specific emotions to take them out. They will love you too much and adore you and in return they want the same from you. Talking about their is useless and wasting of time, they will talk to this topic without any meaning but future can be made according to this because they want the bright future and worried about it. if your partner wish to live with you is quite and or less talkative then you have to be careful about it, he needs a lot of attention and care and show him that he is your part of his soul, try him towards yourself then you will be happy about your choice.

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