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Journey of Baluchistan and Meeting with a Dervish

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

Affection as a Delicate Affair:

Our Hazrat Syed Muhammad Abdullah Hajveri (رحمت اللہ علیہ) used to say that people with affection are like thin thread! If the affair is resolved, they will be like all praise, and if it is not, they will hate back. If they hear about a miracle or see it, they will be like Subhan Allah! And if they hear or see another thing, they will be like Astaghfirullah. People with affection are just like thin thread! 

Companions of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) saw miracles of Holy Prophet (ﷺ) and they saw problems of him (ﷺ) as well. On one hand there are those miracles that pebbles are speaking in your fist. And they are reciting the Kalimah too. A Bedouin was taking away a dead iguana. They used to eat iguanas. He pointed towards the dead iguana and said, ok thats fine, if you are prophet of Allah (ﷺ) then ask this iguana to attest that. And he threw the iguana in front of you (ﷺ). By the will of Allah and the dead iguana became alive and testified the prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) and the oneness and truth of Allah Almighty. This is a miracle of Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ). And even such states came in front of companions that in the battle of Uhad that teeth of Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) were martyred. You (ﷺ) were drenched in blood. In the battle of Tabuk, you (ﷺ) put your hand in a utensil and springs of water gushed out of your hands. The whole gathering drank water to the fullest. In the same battle of Tabuk, you (ﷺ) fed the whole caravan with the little bit of food. You (ﷺ) gave a pouch to a companion (رضوان اللہ علیہم اجمعین). That pouch of dates did not empty for three generations. 

And companions (رضوان اللہ علیہم اجمعین) also saw this state as well that on the stomach of Hazrat Muhammad, three stones are tied. When the belief is firm, then whatever state comes, the tongue says ‘Al-Hamd-o-lillah’, all praise be to Allah. And if the belief is not firm, confidence and faith are not firm, then when they saw conquest and help, they are alike wow! When they saw a test and torment, they shied away. 

Journey of Baluchistan and Meeting with a Dervish:

Once I went to Dera Bugti with the permission of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Abdullah Hajveri (رحمت اللہ علیہ). When we reached Dera Bugti, they had our car parked over there. They said, you cannot go any further than this on your own car. And then the chief of the Jhagraani Baluch tribe, pir Ghulam Rasul Jhagraani, gave us his car: He said, they will either aim at your car (for shooting) or they will snatch it. Journey in my car will be safer for you. 

In the battle of Tabuk, you () put your hand in a utensil and springs of water gushed out of your hands. The whole gathering drank water to the fullest. In the same battle of Tabuk, you () fed the whole caravan with the little bit of food. 

While traveling in their car we reached our destination on the second day. By the order of Sheikh Murshadi Hajveri (رحمت اللہ علیہ), we had gone to meet a dervish of Allah. By the grace of Allah, till today I have never gone to meet anyone without the permission of my Sheikh. I respect everyone, but the permission of Sheikh is also very important. That dervish was blind.  A bull-cart was set aside for him in which there were two oxen. People used to serve these bulls. Hazrat would know as soon as he would wave his hand. He was capable of seeing the unseen as well. And he had wonders too. He would say at once upon shaking hands that whether the person they shook hands with was a dog, a pig, or a human being. He used to tear apart the curtain. We were four people. From among the four of us, he only called one a human being. 

Eye of the Heart, Seek From Allah:

At the same place in Baluchistan we were sitting with the dervish and having food. In the meanwhile a few dogs came along. One dog was a bit harsh natured. At our place as well, we give food to cats every day. I stand by and observe them. One cat does not let the other cat eat. Similarly, over there as well a few dogs were sitting a bit far. And a huge dog, after filling his stomach, would lick his tongue and the body. After that a few other dogs would come and would start eating. Now that dervish hazrat threw bread to the dogs. The dogs were eating bread. Although you were blind, but Allah Almighty had given him eyes of the heart. People of Allah, seek eyes of the heart from Allah Almighty! These eyes of the heart are a blessing. And they are not found to everyone! Allah gives them to some chosen people. And this is not such an impossible thing. But it is also not a very cheap thing that you will find them in the bazars! You find them with constant service. They are not found in the treasures of kings. And the service should also be such a service that in which you do not even lift your head and nor that service has the desire to receive recognition that someone shall say to me thank you! (Continued)

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