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The Saudi Economic Recession and Our Tragedy

Ubqari Magazine - October 2018

I have just returned from the journey of Hajj. History’s strangest economic crisis has started in Saudi Arabia. This economic crisis was in 1918. When the First World War reached its end. The Jews and Christians exceeded so much in killing each other that millions of lives were lost. And the dreams of making a nuclear bomb were seen. And then in the Second World War, which happened between 1941 and 1945, with a sacrifice of millions of lives Hiroshima and Nagasaki became victims of the atomic bomb. Today it is the same Saudi Arabia that has once again been engulfed with the same kind of economic crisis once again. How shall this crisis end after all? The old name of Saudi Arabia was Hijaaz, how shall that be retained? These are the questions and to give their satisfying answers is beyond my apprehension at the moment. Right now what I would want to say to you is something that not the need of this time but for every time and era. And that is about their immigrants who are called “ajnabi” over there. Taxes upon taxes and difficulties upon difficulties came upon ajnabis so much so that I saw such people coming back to their countries. Or they met me or I heard their stories. Those who were living there for more than 50 years. Who leaves one’s own country and goes to another country whether it is Muslim or non-Muslim. Certainly to improve the economic situation. 99 percent of people are such that who go under the influence of economic crisis or familial poverty and impoverishment. Or such people who go to attain higher education or to achieve better employment. But at this time the thing that we received a lot to hear were the complaints and negative things, back biting and such a system of hatred that can perhaps not be described in words. If we pay attention to it with a cool mind, then every person who is living there has left their own country. In the beginning those people served them with a lot of hospitality and care. I have heard so much so that restrictions and all the new strict laws are there because of us. We gave them suggestions. Now when our state has improved, there are so much people who have made big bungalows, mansions, vehicles, higher education for children and their millions of expenditures, gold jewelry, bangles, sets of diamonds, and huge properties, so much so that the factories and mills were erected using the businesses in Saudi Arabia. How many people are such that who spend lives over there and their wealth and properties have made them affluent. How does it sound good that we call them bad? I have 100% concern for this thing that there are good and bad things in every society. And similarly every person is composed of good and bad qualities. But what a strange thing is this to criticize Saudi Arabia and its people all the time. Why do we not see our own flaws? How many expatriates are such who stole there, defrauded, and engaged in contraband activities. There is a place in Jeddah with the name of Bani Maalik, where every illegal document and activity is not done by a Saudi but a foreigner. Then why did this happen? They fed us a lot. Our kids grew up. They got married. They had children and so much so that we became affluent. I had to go to someone’s house in Makkah Mukarma. That was a big house. In which a person could easily walk around for health and fitness, meaning it was such a big house. Its lower portion was a huge storage place, in which there was a hige factory for making gold. He is living there for the past 45 years. I know about his previous circumstances because I know his family. His family was an extremely hand-to-mouth. But today they have piles of gold around them. Where did they get all the gold from? Readers! We should think about something. That they are offspring of companions and the family of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ). Day before yesterday on the 27th of August I had a chance to meet with a Saudi in whose house I had to stay. And in the evening I had a flight. He came for a meeting over there. He is in Saudi Army. He belonged to the Zahraani family of the Dosi tribe. And many renowned companions, so much so, that he astonished me by telling me that he was Hazrat Abu Hurairah’s (رضی اللہ عنہ) 

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