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Let your parents visit Paradise

Ubqari Magazine - September 2018

(Bint Sayed Kabeer-ud-Din)

Try to take care of your parents so that they pray for you. Don’t mind if they scold you upon some bad deed because they do it for your betterment. Obey them if they stop you from something that you are doing and do whatever they ask you to do either you like it or not because it makes your parents happy

All children are beautiful because they all have pure hearts. But the children who obey their parents are more lovable while some children become stubborn at times and their parents get hurt because of their bad behavior. This is a wrong habit due to which not only our parents are disturbed but Allah also gets angry with us. If the parents are happy with a child, Allah is also happy with him. Dear kids! Parents love their children a lot. They always think for the betterment of their children. They bear hardships for the happiness and peace of their children and try their best to fulfill their needs. Parents do all their efforts to provide good education to their children. Now it’s the duty of good children to pay attention to their studies and become successful by working hard. This success will give joy not only to you but to your teachers and most of all to your parents.  Because they play a big role in your success by being a source of fulfilling your needs and their selfless prayers also help a lot in your achievements. Dear kids! All parents wish for their children to be the best, they want them to be successful in education, morals, religion, worship and other matters so that they are admired by all. But the children, who don’t focus on their studies, waste their precious time in useless things and games, keep fighting, do not obey their parents and become stubborn; they not only face loss in this life but will also become unsuccessful in the life hereafter. Everyone calls them bad and nobody likes them because they don’t obey Allah and their parents, rather they follow Satan, who is their biggest enemy. He is the one who teaches them awful stuff and makes them commit bad things. Actually Satan is the worst of all and he makes friendship with bad children. Then he accompanies them all the time while eating, sleeping or going anywhere. But Satan cannot come close to the good children who learn Masnoon supplications upon their parents’ advice and recite them at every occasion. For example, they recite the supplication before eating food, so Satan cannot eat with them. If children recite the supplication before going to bed, Stan cannot sleep with them. The children who recite supplications and offer greetings (salam) while going out or entering the home, they are always protected from accidents and calamities. Satan runs away from those who perform Masnoon supplications. Similarly, it is a must to recite the supplications before entering and coming out from the washroom because Satan lives in the washrooms. These supplications protect us from them. Dear kids! When your mom wakes you up for the Morning Prayer, you should get up quickly reciting Kalima Tayyaba, greet your elders and get ready for school after offering your prayers. Don’t ever miss your school because it affects your studies and it also makes Satan happy. So dear kids! Never skip your lessons and do your work regularly, work hard and learn your lessons carefully. Especially the children who are also memorizing the Quran along with their regular education, they must be extra cautious about their studies and Quran lessons. And when they become Hafiz-e-Quran, they should religiously recite Quran daily and make it a must just as we consider eating food a must. 

 Dear kids! Learning Quran by heart is a great honor and blessing. Allah chooses those children to memorize the Quran with whom He is happy. Hifz-e-Quran is the education that is beneficial for the life after death. The children who memorize Quran, on the Day of Judgment, their parents will be granted with shining crowns even brighter than sun. Allah is very happy with the children who memorize Quran. Kids! Try your best to remember the Quran till the end of your life because if it is easy to memorize the Quran, it is also easy to forget it if not revised regularly. Forgetting the Quran after memorizing it is a great sin. Another important thing is that try to take care of your parents so that they pray for you. Don’t mind if they scold you upon some bad deed because they do it for your betterment. Obey them if they stop you from something that you are doing and do whatever they ask you to do either you like it or not because it makes your parents happy. For instance, if you plan to get up late on your holiday but you wake up at the time of Fajar, sacrifice your sleep and offer prayer. By doing so you are not only rewarded by Allah but you also get rid of the Satan. Because it tries its best to make you sleep but if you wake up, it gets disappointed and leaves away. Satan tries not to let you offer prayer. But dear kids! If offering prayer is obligatory upon you, it is not at all allowed to miss your prayers and ignoring prayers is a big sin. The first thing that we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment is (Salah) prayers. May Allah enable all of us to guard our prayers (Salah) Amen. In addition to prayers, some other matters like good morals, truthfulness, fulfilling the promise, maintaining the trust, helping the needy, avoiding quarrels, cleanliness and other small things also help to become good children.

Dear kids! Above all, develop the habit of patience and gratefulness. Allah has given you lots of blessings like home, clothing food and school etc…there are many poor children who are deprived of such blessings but we should not look down upon the them because Allah blesses everyone according to His own will. He grants everyone differently with His blessings. For example, an affluent child may not be blessed with siblings or God forbid…

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