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Childhood friend of Jinns

Ubqari Magazine - May 2018

Where do jins live? How do they survive? What’s there lifestyle? A lot has been written, read, assumed and imagined on their whereabouts since centuries. But no one could make any indisputable conclusion about their existence. Dear readers, where ever human beings live, they’re also present in that system. They are in air, on mountains, in rivers, caves, in waters, underwater, under the surface of Earth, in every place which you can think of and which you cannot think of. Let me tell you an incident.

Disciple’s complaint to their Sheikh:

A very pious Dervish used to visit a village once every year and he used to teach his disciples different religious practices. Once his disciples complained that all the dams have been broken by the flood waters, houses, livestock, everything has been destroyed, now the flood waters are coming towards our village. Kindly, advise us what we should do to avoid this danger. The Sheikh listened to them carefuly and went into meditation, when he came out of meditation, he said that he needs a young man to sit in a boat and just go where ever the boat take him and your problem will be solved, Insha Allah.

It would have been better if you had not asked this question:

One of the disciple summoned up the courage and asked “Ya Sheikh, where would that young man go to?” Sheikh replied “It would have been better if you had not asked it but now as you have asked me let me tell you. In fact my intention was to send this young man to the king of jins who is active in his levees, under the rivers, constantly worried to solve the problems of Allah’s creations. So my young messengers would go there to him and I am sure that the storm will just stop and flood waters would just vanish away”. Well they prepared a young man of 24-25 years of age. He took shower, wore neat and clean dress with perfume on it.

He got patted and blown by the Sheikh:

The man got patted and blown by the Sheikh, then he sat in a boat and it started sailing. Soon, he as out of everyone’s sight and the villagers went back to their homes. After three days that man returned in a very peculiar condition, he was not in his senses at all. Soon after his arrival, he fell asleep. When he woke up, after taking a long, deep sleep, he was very fresh. Everybody was keen to know where he did he go as they could see that ever since that young man left, flood and storm started vanishing. And within three days it was all clear.

Memoir of three days:

Villagers wanted to know each and everything the young man went through in those three days, they were all anxious to learn it. The young man said “While I was gone on the boat, after sometime I felt dozed off, and then felt as if I was diving in water and slipping deeper into the water. It was so deep down that I could never imagine of, and then I started hearing some sounds and some strange voices. I woke up and saw myself sitting on a chair. I was surrounded by a lot of people with weird faces and then there was a man with a weird face sitting on his throne with a very domineering and demanding personality. They all were talking on different issues, finally one of them stood up and introduced me to the king with the problem I was supposed to explain about that flood, thunder storm, the damages it had done. He even told the king that a Dervish XYZ name had sent me to the king and the villagers want you to help them come out of this disaster. The king ordered them to take good care of me, as he granted me the status of his guest. After three days, he loaded me the gifts for our dervish, as our dervish happens to be a good friend of that king. Then the king assured me that Insha Allah, the floods would not make their way to the village and then they transferred me to the royal guest house. I was served the best food, best bed and a lifestyle that I could never think of. I was offered the best dresses to wear, I did not see any worries, grieves or problems in their world. I spend three days of my life like a prince, on the third day; few of the men came to me and informed me that it was time for my departure. They loaded me with gifts for Sheikh and bid me farewell. On my way back, I felt the same as I felt on my way to them. And then, I found myself t home.”

Graveyard of Mukli and old Jinns:

Dear readers, jins are everywhere; under deep waters, on beaches and in open graves, etc. “I met a very old jin during my journey to Mukli Thatha. Later I came to know that it was a jin. I was reciting Surah Fatiha and I was somewhere between rapturousness and trance. An eremite showed up and sat in front of me, he was playing a flute. The two of us were sitting in front of each other, I was reciting Surah Fatiha, while he was playing a flute and I felt that his flute was becoming louder and louder, as if he wanted me to stop reciting. I could feel some super natural rays coming out of his flue. I don’t understand why I started focusing on his flute while reciting the Surah. I wanted to get rid of his flute because I was completely focused on it while reciting. After a while, the flute exploded and broke into pieces and some of the pieces fell in front of me and he started wailing and thought why he sat in front of me and he even












Insect and snake don’t eat in grave: After every prayer recite 7 times  یا باری insect and snake will not grave.




started abusing himself. I did not stop reciting Surah Fatiha, I was in its full trance. After a while he started asking for forgiveness and said I was aware of Allah’s Kalam, but I was quite oblivious of its power, I was a jin in power. I earn my money by showing the fight of snake and Mongoose, while playing flute. I saw you hare and thought of obtaining money from you too so I started playing the flute, you gazed at me and I used my super natural power in which some rays come out of my flutes. And when I do that, I do not sit near any dried wood, or grass as I know that these rays would set them on fire. Many times, my clothes or people around me catch fire because of these rays but you failed me, with your recitation. My flute exploded, that was the only asset I had.

Never get cranky with a Dervish:

 I practiced on my flute a lot, this was the only way I was earning with and you broke it. At first I got so mad at you but then something all of a sudden POP out in my mind, my teacher used to say that never get cranky with a Dervish, or you’ll be in big trouble for the rest of your life. As soon as his saying came to my mind, I started asking you for forgiveness. My flute is broken, I am left with nothing to earn, I don’t know what to do now? That jin was sitting in front of me, continuously talking, I did not bother answering him but kept reciting Surah Fatiha and just then a thought came to my mind out of nowhere, that this jin is a non-Muslim jin. Why not try to effect his heart by this great surah so he accepts Islam. I recited the surah with imagining that this surah is compelling his heart. After a while, he grabbed his chest, as if he had cardiac arrest, and started yelling with pain, he was saying something I could not figure out. I could see some restlessness, perturbation in him. I kept reciting with that same imagination in my mind and finally I succeeded.

Emerite rested Kalma:

This emerite who was a jin in fact, he came into senses after a while and requested me to make him recite what I was reciting as it was so soothing. Then I replied that before you recite this, you have to say Kalma and you also have to make a promise to follow the right path. He looked so perturbed; he said I’ll do whatever you say. I just cannot live without you, and without those beautiful words you were reciting. I need that Zikr and Tasbeeh. Please help me. So I asked him to take a shower, he did not have any spare clothes with him, so on my command he took a shower with his clothes on, so this way his clothes also got washed and cleaned. A taking a shower, properly according to the sunnah, I helped him to recite Kalima Shahada, and then I told him to learn Surah Fatiha, surprisingly he was able to memorize it in a very short time. He asked me what else to do so I told him to keep saying Allah’s name and you will see how he blesses you and your family. You will not have to worry about your earning for them. He got very happy and excited and I offered him some edibles to eat. He was looking much fagged due to my recitation and imagination. He needed something to eat so he ate all of it. I was feeling happy inside that some of my hard work has finally made someone accept Islam. Dear reader, something you need to know is that I never use any sword or stick; it is the love, Baraka, and the affect of Allah’s Kalam that thousands and millions of jins have accepted Islam on my hand. All praises to Allah.

I live in an old grave:

I started talking to him and asked him where he lived. He pointed at a grave nearby and said that I live inside this grave. I asked him if it was an old or new one and he replied that it is centuries old, it is one of the ministers of that time’s kings grave. I asked him where else do you all usually reside? he replied that they resided everywhere, where humans, birds, fish, animals or any living organism lives, and sometimes places where no living thing can survive. So, basically we are everywhere. We live in cracks, trees, as soon as he mentioned trees, I got alert.

We live in trees and religious fanes:

I asked him, what do you mean by trees? I named that jin Abdul Wasay after he got converted so I was calling him with this name. He replied, we live in logs, stems, and in roots of trees and those trees become our food too. Some jins live in air, some live in minarets, mosques, temples, churches and synagogues. We live with our families in those places while residing in those places we keep it in our mind that the religious place where we live, is according to our own faith and belief. I asked him at once, do jins live in Muslim’s largest and main religious place, Kaaba, Makkah. He replied, I’ve never been to that place but as we jins move around a lot so there are lots of jins, even in this graveyard of Mukli who have visitors from Makkah. And then surprisingly, he informed me that there is a family of jins living under the temple of an old king, not very far away. They have guests now with them who have come all the way from Makkah. Those guests are originally from Makkah, they do not live anywhere else.

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