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Don’t be scared of wrong decisions

Ubqari Magazine - March 2017

(Danyal Jamshed, Lahore)
A wise man has said, build your character such that you have the ability to make quick a right decisions, than adopt it like good habit. It is quite possible for you to make some wrong decisions in but there is no reason to lose hope because of it. A human being is not so perfect that he takes the right decision everytime. Occasionally some highly intellectual and famous ones have also taken wrong decisions. You have to keep in mind that you should be serious and alert even while taking quick choices. Most of the decisions taken while in anger and aggressiveness are wrong. If a condition arises when your temper is high and you have to decide quick, drink a glass of cold water, sit down if you are standing and close your eyes. Recite any supplication that you can recall, drink a glass of water again, ponder deeply and then take a decision. A person who takes the wrong decisions everytime is surely mentally incapable or has poor morals. In the habit of taking absolute decisions, righteousness and clarity of ratiocination become part of it therefore there seems to be no wrong outcome of this habit. A wise man has said, it is better to try to wakeup one person rather than to spend life dreaming about waking up all the humanity. Many successful people because of their ability to make quick decisions and courage triumph at dangerous and delicate times, had they wasted time on thinking, they would have failed. Not providing answers at that moment bring damage and if you are not able to make quick decisions at the right time, your success will be in jeopardy. However making the right decision is not by hit and trial. It has some rules and acting on them makes way for successful life. Also bear in mind that if you don’t take decisions about yourself in these circumstances, others will snatch what is rightfully yours. Times will not stay still for you to take decisions, it is thereby important to take quick decisions at the right time.

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