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Domestic psychological problems and their ensuring and proven remedies

Ubqari Magazine - December 2016

Story of a hardworking boy:

I am a hardworking boy. I am doing job and getting education also. I have got interest in boxing these days. In morning I will play and at night I will study, people say that you cannot do two things together. I also have the ability to become a news reporter, and a writer. I know that I can be a good writer. Except this I can do two works together. (M, Sh)

Suggestion: People don’t know about you more than you. So do how much things you want to do. One must not reveal his intention before time, so it is not must that they encourage you, the different opinion can bring the confusion in mind and it can be a cause of loss of confidence. I suggest to study in morning because mind will not be tired at that time. If you have ability to work hard then keep on doing work without making noise and publicizing it. Serious and practical people get success in their life.  



 I am suffering from depression from 18 years and the reason is that my family members are always against my wishes and they are not arranging my marriage also.

Suggestion: the cause of depression is not unfulfilling of desires but if there is already pessimism and then any desire is not fulfilled then pessimism can be increased. Usually to overcome the psychological issues one will have to work hard. Because in this situation the problems, troubles seems unsolvable, that why patient takes shelter in self analysis after considering other people responsible of his feeling. When you feel fine then try to find any good business. When you will be able to struggle to fulfill only then you can encounter others.


 I want to be an engineer I studied science subjects for one year but I could not pass, then I thought that these subjects are not according to my tendency,  then I thought to be a lawyer, and for this you need to be graduated, elder brother is working in bank I have no interest in commerce. I want to pick the field where I can feel interest. (Ali Ahmed, Multan)

Suggestion: You will have to take this decision that in which subject you are interested, but before getting admission in collage, not after failing and studying for one year. After get admission work hard and focus on passing. The best use time of enhances mental abilities.






Not interested:

I am preparing for exams these days, all friends study at night time but I study in day time. A thought comes after afternoon that I cannot sleep at night because really sleep does not come at night, and I also do feel happy about preparing for exams. (shehriyar, Islamabad)

Suggestion: Sleeplessness and disinterest in studying are two different issues; if you will feel happy in studying then sleep issue will be resolves itself. Do not brig thought of sleeplessness in mind from today, and divide the subjects for preparation, in a way that one part must be study in morning time and other in evening time. Before sleeping repeat whatever in the day. In this way you will feel peaceful. Those who accomplish responsibilities in a good do not deprived from natural sleep.


Sense of solitude:

I went to Japan 2 years ago, I sent home whatever I earned, here when father died my brothers and sisters divided the property between themselves, they did not left any share for me, when I tell people about this disaster, people listen to me but when they are not agree to talk to my brothers and sister about this issue, when I think to take any other step then feeling of loneliness hurts me. (Ashiq Hussain)

Suggestion:  Now you are standing between two possibilities, one is that you can pay your full attention and be active about having new possibilities of success from scratch in life, be your own well wisher despite of complaining to others. Second way is that you wait for them in the state of pessimism and dejection who have done injustice and cruelty. It is your right to have your share but if it is taken oppressively and there is no authority to get it then it is good to be patient. I hope that you will reactive way that will lead to new success in life.  


Fake Blame:

I tried to live life in every type of circumstances, even then one day husband put false blame and divorced me, and he told the very first day that he likes another girl, six months have passed, and I look very old now, family is misbehaving to me, I am a burden now, there are dark circles around eyes due to crying.

Suggestion: You have spent the hard part of life, now start the new life with zest, this agony is part of past now, this will not happen again, find any earning mean after learning any skill  according to your abilities and tendency. Those who benefit their own self and others are not treated badly.

Nobody cares for me:

I am 35, after intermediate I start working with my father in his business, I learned  a lot from him in first five years, but now her is sluggishness increasing in my mood, two times my engagement has ended and in both cases girls’ family ended it. Younger brother got married of his choice. My father made him start new business. Nobody cares for me; I also have lived in Dubai for two years. I worked very hard there but even then earning was not that well. Relatives said a lot of things. (Sohail, Peshawar)

Suggestion: You felt deeply the ending of engagement and the sayings of relatives and forced it on your thoughts. Now are in such an age that it is important to get a valuable status with strength and consistency. If pessimism, heartbreaking thoughts, and negative thoughts try to overwhelm the mind then stop them and suggest good things to yourself. In this way bright ideas will come in to your brain and you will feel encouraged. Surely you are very wise and owner of best skills, take interest again with your father. Sluggishness and pessimism can ruin best of the best person. 






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