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Once word of dars dragged me from path of sins

Ubqari Magazine - July 2016

Readers! Life of millions is changing after listening dars of Hazar G! from mobile(memory card), internet and etc, different thing is that because ISM E AZAM is being recited with dars , domestic home problems gets solved astonishingly where dars is being played, you also listen to dars no matter listen for short time but listen daily, dars should be all the time in your home and car.

Respected Hakeem Sahib Assalam O Alikum!Service of humanity which ALLAH is taking from you may ALLAH keep you and your generations accepted for this service and may you and your generations get best reward. Aameen. Respected Hakeem Sahib! My life was lost in wrong direction. I was a manager in private organization. I got this post with extreme hard work. Thanks to ALLAH I never did injustice with my work. In our office my male and females used to work together because of that all the time I was committing sin of bad sight, at that time may be that wasn’t a sin for me. In front of my room there was a room of deputy director and I used to talk to him daily hours on different matters. We used to work together alone in one room. After few time I felt that deputy director’s accent and way of talking was changing day by day for me. After office time started calling me to know about how I was doing. After eid ul fitar’s vacation when I came to office he called me in his room and expressed his feelings openly. I asked him for time to think. I don’t know what happened to I agreed upon his question. That’s how our love story started. For few years I kept on sinking in quicksand. All this kept on happening but I was feeling that all this is wrong but I used to forget everything when he came in front of me. Slowly whole office started talking about our love story. We used to get 10 vacations of winter from office, we also got those vacations. My younger sister buys Ubqari every month and also listens to your dars on internet. During vacation I went to her room and she was listening to your dars she asked me to listen and I did. That was dars of Halka Kashf Ul Majoob. As I was listening my soul started shivering. I started hating myself. After listening to dars I locked myself in room and don’t know how long I cried. I was so ashamed of my this illegal behavior that I broke my relation with him forever. I asked about website address and started listening to your dars daily. Your every single word dragged me back from path of sins. I started offering Namaz, changed my mobile sim. Repented on my sins. After vacations when  I went to office I tell deputy director clearly that from today  our this illegal relationship is over. I will never talk to you about this ever again. He didn’t say anything. After that our relationship was professional which should be of manager and deputy director. Sometime my heart felt very restless but at the same moment I started thinking about ALLAH and my heart became more restless about ALLAH. My heart inclined towards him a bit but towards ALLAH my heart inclined for a long time. Talking to ALLAH, crying, requesting him a lot, why someone else came into my heart while love of ALLAH? How Haram love mixed in Halal love? I did bait of you through internet. I wrote letter to you and you gave me this wazifa { یَاحَیُّ یَاقَیُّومُ اِیَّاکَ نَعْبُدُ وَ اِیَّاکَ نَسْتَعِیْنُ  بِرَحْمَتِکَ اَسْتَغِیْثُ } which I recite daily around 1000. I am getting Thajut, daily I offer 4 or 6 nafal of Tahajut. Also started muraqba from Ubqari magazine. I am getting attention in muraqba, I realy enjoy muraqba. After doing everything I didn’t have peace in my heart which was I think due to bad sight of office. Atlast I did bitter decision of my life and left my job. I daily whole day listen to your dars. One night happiest moment of my life came when I see my beloved lord Prophet ﷺ.  I saw Prophet ﷺ in my dream and HE ﷺ gave me shawl of white noor. I became very happy then HE ﷺ place crown on my head which was like full of noor. After that I wake up. Now thanks to ALLAH I am in ablution all the time. Thanks to ALLAH I have heard all of your dars of Halka Kashf Ul Majoob. Now on NO CHANDI when I listen to your dars my situation changes while ZIKAR NAFI ASBAT. I don’t feel cold in even in extreme winter. There was some warm peaceful condition. ALLAH was so near that something might happen, deep peace!!! I can’t tell. Then during dua I cry a lot. Now when I do ziakr how do I tell what happens. Then during prayer I cry a lot. While doing zikar I enjoy a lot I cannot explain it in words. Before listening to your dars I was in extreme tension I never thought of leaving that path. Now since I have left that path my own people have started standing against me, my father, my neighbours everyone says that how mad she is what a good post she has left to sit in home. So much education and degrees all useless. But how do I tell them that how much in peace I am now. Pray for me that after listening so much from home I keep consistant on this path. Thanks to ALLAH I am in very peace. Now I want to live life full of spirituality. May ALLAH accept me.  Aameen. (Hidden)

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