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The nutritive and delicious vegetables

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

It’s better to go to savor markets or vegetable carts rather than super stores and big shops because the vegetables are found fresher here in one-day bazaar (market).

A the life style is changing, our eating habits are also changed; so now women’s are not interested in cooking vegetables that grow under grounds (roots) but once you should observe their benefits of  underground vegetables have, indeed you will include them in your menu immediately.

Nutritional Benefits:

Most of the women ignore these vegetables due to the cheapness and they prefer spinach and broccoli. While the latest researched has revealed the fact that the root vegetables are enriched with antioxidants, so if you are not includes potatoes in your weekly menu by considering them less nutritional, you will be surprised to know that 180 gm packed potatoes which is also called jacked potatoes have 31% of our daily needs (RDA), similarly one baked carrot have 5gm fiber which is equal to many high fiber servings.

Many roots which are used as vegetable can be called nutritional power house without any hesitation. So try to include these easily available and cheap vegetables in your menu.

How to look: in most of the families children do not like to eat turnip and reddish (white carrot) but if you cook them with new style and recipe rather than traditional bhujya (dry fried curry) style then everybody like to eat them.

For example turnips are usually found in winter so you can make creamy soup of turnip garnished with turnip leaves puree. This soup will be filled with calcium, folic and potassium except from it for making quick and easy pasta dish, stir fry turnip with garlic, turnip leaves and fish or chicken’s (small pieces) and add them to pasta.

Eat radish as a salad or cook with meat rather than making a traditional bhujya (fry curry) and add mustard leaves as well, this curry garnished with coriander is very delicious along with nutritional other than this beetroot, sweet potatoes, carrot, arrowroot (yam), ginger turmeric can be used to make delicious and nutritional dishes.

Buy: to buy root vegetables must go to savor markets on vegetable venders rather than super      stores or big shops; because at these places the vegetable are more fresh, comparatively or if you have farms nearby your vicinity so you will have fresh vegetable on the shops of and you can      also cultivate these vegetable by your own because the vegetables needs less attention (heed)

To “why to return towards roots” (four reasons)

The root vegetable reduces cholesterol level; for this purpose sweet potatoes, yam and purple      sweet potatoes are best.

Root prevent many deserves e.g. sweet potatoes, carrots are enriched with carotenide for which    the British researchers said that they prevent heart diseases and cancer.

These vegetables helps iron to get absorb in human body most of the vegetable like carrot, radish, turnip, beetroot, sweet potatoes etc are the best source of vitamins ‘C’ which helps iron to be a part of your body.

Other than these root vegetable are not only healthy they also keep you young because turnip, beetroot, sweet potatoes and carrots are not only antioxidant they also play role in increase immunity and prevent your skin from the effects of pollution.

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