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Your dreams and their interruptions

Ubqari Magazine - March 2016

Husband with other woman

I have been seeing this dream for the last ten years that either I get this news or I watch it that my husband is with some other woman and he has done second marriage. I just saw that I have a son who is very fair colored and has blue eyes and his age is three to four months. While I am washing his face in wash room he started talking to me. For instance when he is asked what is his name he tells me the name which is actually the name of my younger son.  Then I got surprised that what kind of things is he talking about and is he some kind of alien. Then I see as if I am in some house of down town and it is the house of my mother. I am sitting in it all tensed that my husband has gone somewhere  as he is angry so when I call that place, a woman picks it up and talks to me as if I already know that she is the second wife of my husband. She tells me that he does not want to talk to you. I plead to her but she puts down on the cradle. After the phone is off I start cursing myself that if I would not have created a scene and would have kept quite then this would not have happened today.  (Ghain, Sheen)

Interpretation:  According to your dream it is an intimation that some problems will come and the whole family will be disturb do some charity and after each salah recite 19 times (یَاحَفِیْظُ ) and make supplication after each prayer.

 The reward of show off

I saw that my grandmother came to my house with my maternal uncle, then uncle dropped granny at our place and left. I saw that my granny is wearing a very thick and black colored shawl. My mother took my grandmother in the room and made her sit on the bed. She (granny) then took off her black shawl which she had worn very tightly. The granny lied on the bed in such a way that her foot was facing kabbah and she laid on her left side. At that time I thought in my heart that granny has been dead, then how did granny come in our house. . Then grandmother started to cry, and showed her back which had marks of beating on them and then told the names of her daughters who have behaved badly to me.  (Maira Islamabad)

Interpretation:  According to the dream it has been signaled that whatever worshipping we do either they are Faraiz  or Nawafil they should be done with true intentions and there should not be a sign of show off. And no one should be told that I sent the blessings of some nawafil worshipping to any particular person. The second advise in dream is that all the worshipping should be done according to sunnah then even a minute act will be very beneficial. Rather than worshipping big acts without way of sunnah. Prayer is that Allah Almighty would allow us to follow Prophet’s صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم way and honesty for it.  واللہ اعلم

Problems and hurdles

I often see a dream in which I see a school or some other building where there is water everywhere as if a flood is coming and as if we are sitting in water and reading. It is water everywhere. (Noon. jeem)

Interpretation According to your dream there is a signal that there are a lot of tensions and hurdles in some very important works. You should do charity according to your level and recite                      

recite                      (حَسْبُنَا اللہُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَکِیْلُ) meanwhile sitting and standing or walking.   (واللہ اعلم)

 Out of country travelling is dangerous

I often see an old friend of me (who is married and who is out of country) I see her as if I am going to her house and don’t find her house. I am going through strange streets and sometimes I cross a bridge but I can’t meet her. When I see her she is very sad. I saw her once and she says look this is my daughter and my folks have married me forcefully and I am very sad to hear that.

(Sheen, karachi)

Interpretation: According to your dream there is a signal that travelling abroad can be dangerous for you a lot. So try your level best to avoid it for one year at least. But if there is a lot of issue then recite Suraah Quresh 313 times and blow upon yourself and do charity according to your position by the grace of God there will be protection from above . (واللہ اعلم)

Marriage of my cousin

 I saw a dream that it is the marriage of my cousin me and my mother are coming back from ceremony of nikah and going to our house then in the way a person follows us. We keeps on walking and there is too much dark ahead in the street we hide there , then that man leaves so me and my mother are saved.

Interpretation: According to your dream there is risk of your getting sick or getting some tensions. However if proper arrangements precautions are taken then this disease will go away. (واللہ اعلم)

Unexpected tensions

I saw that I and my two elder sisters are coming to their house via train form someone’s house. All the stations that we pass are full of ruins and very vacant. The station which we get off, it’s written there the name sirsyaam that station is also vacant and is of very bad type. From station we take the road to our house by walking. A van comes near to us and there is Negros inside it, they load off the luggage and give us the baggage and leave. (saba multan)

According to you dream there is a hint that for a few days you will have unexpected tensions however there is a sign that very soon circumstances will get better

You should do some charity according to your level according to your position and on the behalf of the house folks and recite in excess.  (و اللہ اعلم)

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