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A Mindset of Customs

Ubqari Magazine - February 2016

Maulana Waheed-ud-din Khan

He saw in the dream that a savage tribe has captivated him and has ordered him to prepare a sewing machine in 24 hours. 

Elias Howe was an ordinary worker of the famous city of the US, Massachusetts. He was born in 1819 and he passed away in the age of 48 years. But he gave such a thing to the world that revolutionized the way the world sews clothes today. This was the sewing machine that he invented in 1845.

The machine that Elias Howe made was such that in it the place for putting thread in the needle there used to be a slit on the tail of the needle, such as is the case with hand stitching needles. For thousands of years human have been slitting the tail of the needle. So when Elia Howe invented the sewing machine, it also had the slit for putting the thread at the bottom of the needle according to the common custom. Due to this his machine did not work so well. Initially he could only sew a shoe with that machine. Sewing clothes was not possible through this machine. Elias Howe remained perplexed due to this for a long time. At last he saw a dream. That dream solved his problem. He saw in the dream that a savage tribe has captivated him and has ordered him to prepare a sewing machine in 24 hours, otherwise he would be murdered. When the time finished the people of the tribe ran after him to kill him. They had spears in their hands. When Howe looked at them with attention he found that at the tip of every spear there was an opening. While seeing this, he woke up. Howe found the beginning. He made an opening at the tip of his needle like the spear and put a thread in it. Now the problem had solved. Due to the fact that the opening for the thread was at the top, the machine that was not working, started working when the opening came at the tip, downwards. The problem with Howe was that he could not think beyond his traditionalist mindset. He was thinking that the thing that was working for thousands of years is right. When his subconscious showed him the other side of the picture, he understood the problem at that time. And he solved it at once. When a person indulges himself wholly in something, he finds its secrets just as this person did.


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