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Aspirants Who Wish to Get Rid of Obesity Should Read it now!

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015

Mansoor Ali Baig

Such vegetables that naturally have ingredients that expedite urination turn out to be helpful in getting rid of obesity. Once they get access to the cells that produce fats, they start the process of decomposition, and they remove all of the excessive fat out of your body.

An expert nutritionist has said that even if one does not put a cap on the calories that are provided to the body, even then foods with less fat, less carbohydrates and a few special cereals can be used to reduce the weight. Many such people are born in this world, which have a lot more fat producing cells than other people. Reduction of weight is a very time consuming activity for them. In certain situations it is impossible. However, juicy citrus fruits, or their juice, apple, strawberry, or garlic can correct the function of fat producing cells to some extent. And the human body can remain safe from obesity and be balanced, attractive and beautiful. Vegetables and such foods that have fibers in their ingredients and herbs, they can also prove very vital in the war against obesity. Such vegetables that naturally have ingredients that expedite urination turn out to be helpful in getting rid of obesity. Once they get access to the cells that produce fats, they start the process of decomposition, and they remove all of the excessive fat out of your body. Fibrous foods have very profound effects on the intestines. Nutritionists from all over the world mutually agree upon the fact that usage of vitamin C not only reduces the fat in the body rather it also plays a very vital role in its dissolution. Whereas it clearly does not allow the cholesterol level in the body to become imbalanced. And it saves the cells from its excessive pressure. Other than apple and strawberry, berries and gum (gondni) have an excessive amount of protein in them that absorb the water and clear the cells of effects of obesity or fat. If someone wants to get rid of obesity then there is a natural method available for them. And the following list is making apparent that what are those things that can be eaten or drunk that can save you from obesity.

Vegetables: Try as much as possible to use fresh, uncooked vegetables. Whereas steamed vegetables or their juices are also beneficial.

Cabbage or Karam Kalla: Their use provokes the glands to work according to their function especially, lablaba, where hormones are nourished. It also helps in cleansing the body tissues. It also corrects the functioning of the kidneys, which start producing more water. Cabbage has a lot of iron in it. Due to this not only the stomach, but the process of cleaning the intestines works properly whereas it keeps warring against the swelling in the middle vein of the pancreas.

Carrot: This is a great cause for providing carotene, which is a form of vitamin A. It enhanced the functions of the living cells and tissues and improves their chemical balance whereas other mechanisms of the body benefit from it too.

Ajwaain: In our world the ajwaain is normally used in spices or medicines. But this is such a plant that grows on marshy lands whose seeds are eaten raw or by cooking. It has surplus amount of calcium in it, due to which thereezash of inner glands gets strengthened whereas due to magnesium and iron, the blood gets healthier. Cucumber: It has sulfur and silicon in it. Due to this it keeps on cleaning Uric acid from the body. Cucumber has a surplus amount of potassium in it. And it is such an element that produces vigor in the functioning of glands. And it draws cells from the effects of obesity.

Garlic: It has a natural ability to produce mustard oil in the body, due to which the cleansing of the whole body becomes possible. Fibrous foods can normally be used to acquire this.

Whole Grains: Such as bhssoi, the worm of wheat that is used as a source of vitamins. The flour of Hai or porride and rai (a nutritious plant that is often used to feed the cattle).

Vegetables: The ones that are produced on steam, if they are raw, it is much better.

Vegetables with Roots: Such as carrots, shakar qand, and turnip.

Fruits with Seeds: Strawberry, black berry, figs or vegetables with hard shells, among which tomatoes and aubergines are included.

Peas: Such as green peas, peas, seem, beans and dry peas and cereals. Seeds and Kernels: Including the seeds of suraj mukhi, walnuts and peanuts etc. can be used to acquire this. Remember that obesity is the root of all illnesses. And to save oneself from this is synonymous with getting rid of it. Using medicines and a few types of exercises can also redeem you of this also. But is it not better to use balanced diet and drinks, one gets rid of it? And to abandon the idea of giving up eating completely in order to get rid of it.

Acquire a balanced, attractive and a beautiful physique without dieting. Wage a war on obesity with fibrous foods. Come! Get rid of obesity while you eat.



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