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Ubqari Magazine - November 2015


Brown moles on face:

Respected Readers, Assalam u alaikum! I have the problem that there are stains on my face like brown moles and they are not felt on touching, these are also called freckles, If the readers know its better solution so please tell me, I will be grateful.        (S.K, Marwat)

 Answer: There come changes in the internal body system of girls with growing age. Due to these natural changes sometimes the effect is shown on the skin of face. Sometimes these freckles and pimples are finished automatically after one or two years but in some girls (and boys) they stay for long time. You should take plumps 3 pieces, Gulmandi 3g and aniseed 6g. Boil these three ingredients in one glass of water then filter. Drink this herbal medicine for two or three weeks in the morning before eating or drinking anything. It will be beneficial; the cream of yogurt is useful for applying on these moles.    (Rahmana Kousar, Rawalpindi)


Hairs on arms:

Respected readers! I have the problem that there are very thick hairs on my arms as the men have and these look very bad. Can I remove these hairs? Isn’t this a sin? And also tell me an effective treatment of these hairs. My second problem is that my eyes are always swelled and sometimes there is swelling on the face. The swelling increases when I eat rice, on that day I can’t see clearly. Please tell me the solution of my problems. I will be grateful.           (Nadia, Haripur)

Answer: Such women have the problem of unnecessary hairs who are facing hormones problems. You should buy “Poshida (The Secret) Course” from the office of the Monthly Ubqari and use it for few months with consistency. In sha Allah your many problems will be resolved by using this. For second problem you should buy “Johr Shifae Madina” and “Satar Shifaen” from the office of the monthly Ubqari and use it as per the instructions given on the bottles.

                                                                                                (Muhammad Sahkoor, Karachi)

Dark Complexion:

Respected Hakim Sahb, Assalam u alaikum! We like your magazine Ubqari very much; we have got many religious information and commendations from it. I have a problem and I am asking this in the section “Questions of Readers and the Answers by Readers”. I and my cousin has dark complexion for which we have to listen many taunts and have to face criticized attitude. Please tell us any tip so that our color becomes white and also tell us a cream or soap. Tip shouldn’t be much expensive. May Allah grant you the success in this world and in hereafter! We will pray you for whole life.       (N. R, Islamabad)


My sister, this prescription is experienced by my wife you should also try; this is very cheap and useful. This also has been published in the monthly Ubqari of January 2014. Prescription is as follows;

ھو الشافی: Take Black seed powder 40g, pure glycerin 100g, extract of roses 100g and lemon juice 100g. Mix all these ingredients and prepare a lotion. Apply gently on face before sleeping at night. Wash your face after waking up in the morning. In sha Allah by the use of few days your face will be brightened like a moon.


Pain in feet:

Readers! My mother is suffering from the problem of pain in feet. She doesn’t feel the pain during routine work in day time but after finishing works at the time of rest means at night she feels severe pain in her feet. Along with pain there appear spots on the feet as if the blood has been clotted. This pain is cured by pressing the feet. Due to severe pain my mother hit her feet on the cot hardly, and then she gets a little relief. Please tell some tip, prescription or spiritual commendation.                                                          (Umer Farooq, District Karak)


Put two small cardamoms in warm milk and give it to your mother along with two pieces of Hareerr. Not only the pain of the feet will be better but also the other problems will be resolved. Insha’Allah after the use of sometime your mother will be cured by the grace of Allah.

                                                                                                            (Aashiq Hussain, Lahore)

ii. Also ask your mother to recite [سبحان اللہ] 33 times, [الحمد للہ] 33 times and [اللہ اکبر] 34 times before sleeping, then blow on her hands and rub hands on the feet.


Harmless gnarl:

Readers! I am 43 years old, I am married as well. There is a gnarl near the left ear towards the face at the place of beard. Doctors declare this harmless. This gnarl is four years old which neither grows nor decreases. There is no pain due it and it can be moved in left, right, up and down directions easily. Tell me its treatment as soon as possible.

                                                                                    (Muhammad Humayun Ashraf, Multan)


Brother Humyun! I also had the same gnarl in my armpit due to which I had been worried a lot. Then one of my friends told me this commendation that recite [] 7 times in one breath after every namaz and blow on your finger and then rub the finger on gnarl. I have been performing this commendation for approximately last six months and my gnarl has been finished about 70 %. You also should start this procedure in sha Allah your gnarl will also be finished.                                  (Muhammad Javed Khan, Attock)

 Diabetes of little child:

Respected Hakim sahb, Assalam u alaikum! Since I was introduced to Ubqari, the true stories and prescriptions started irritating me that I should keep on sending my tested prescriptions and commendations to the monthly Ubqari. Since you verified the prescription by calling me, your greatness is increased more in my heart that how you publish the verified and correct prescriptions. With how much difficulty you contacted me, it is the proof of your truthfulness and greatness. Respected Hakim sahib! I have a question from the readers that my grandson is two years old and he is suffering from diabetes. Insulin is also injected. Its solution is required from the readers.                                                                                    (Z. Kh)


Respected lady! Your all family members should perform prayers punctually. All the day keep the recitation of “Surah Rahman” near the child so that every time the voice of “Surah Rahman” continuously goes in his ears. Insha’Allah after some time you will observe the difference.                                                                                                            (H. T)

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