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Feeding milk to the first baby is a test but not now

Ubqari Magazine - November 2015


Readers you must have read the benefit of mothers milk everywhere and no doubt that children who do not drink mothers milk in early childhood have faced many problems in their lives related to health .I am writing this article for new mothers who have to feed their young one. I am sure that these tips will help them.

  • Mother should feed their infant from both sides equally. Child should be placed in the comfortable posture and so should the mother while feeding.
  • Mother should feed her infant often and equally from both breast. This will help in the production of milk.
  • If mother keeps feeding the milk produced, this will help in the production of new milk.
  • Infant should be placed in such a position where his mouth can easily access milk to feed.
  • Infant breath from nose while drinking milk. So make sure that the nasal passage is not blocked due to wrong position.
  • In case infant is weak and unable to drink milk, then the mother should help him to drink by pressing.
  • In case you have to feed your baby with the feeding bottle. Make sure that the feeding bottle and nipples are clean and free from germs.
  • Mother should ensure that the surrounding is also clean so that things don’t get affected by germs.
  • Ladies should also take care of the tidiness especially they should wash their hands while cooking, feeding etc.
  • Mother should not feed her child in the state of anger, tensed, and worried as this will make the child stubborn.
  • Mother should not feed their child soon after cooking, heavy work unless the body temperature becomes normal.
  • Mothers should be very careful in taking medicine as this can have a direct impact on the child.
  • Mothers should also take proper diet during breast feeding. She should ensure that the diet is rich with multivitamins, iron and folic acid etc.

It is mentioned in Quran that mothers should breast feed infants for two years. It is the responsibility of the mother to feed their children, from this is the relationship with mother and the children to show kindness and care and due to this respect and obedience of the mother in the children hearts. Both girls and boys should be feed for 2 years; they can reduce the period     however feeding after two years is not appropriate. According to the child his mother milk is for him, if there is some problem or mother feed is not good then they can hire any pious women for feeding. If a mother is divorce or not feeding is mandatory to her, but the father cannot afford to pay for feeding or he could not manage any other women for feeding or child cannot accept any other women's milk, if all these things are not then it is not mandatory but mustahib. If a child doesn't need breastfeeding or there is no harm for him to discontinue mother feeding before 2 years. Child’s milk is father's responsibility and mandatory but if mother is willingly feeding then it is mustahib. Husband cannot force her wife for feeding and mother cannot ask money for feeding till she is his wife and in his Nikhah. A healthy woman can    feed her child for 2 years. It is not good for more than 2 years because the amount of mother's milk reduced and the child hunger increase and his teeth is coming and he needs other solid foods which he can cut and chew the food. Mothers should start feeding soft food when the child grows so that breast feeding can be reduced and the child can easily shift eating habits and leave breast feeding.

 (Muhammad Farooq Azam, Hasilpur)

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