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Eat fish oil and be happy, healthy and energetic

Ubqari Magazine - October 2015

Readers1 now days it is October, dryness has started in weather. Cool breeze is blowing at night. During this season people mostly prefer fish! Having hot fried or gram flour applied fish seem to be very delicious. There are so many benefits of fish that you came across in newspapers, magazines and from others. But very few people know about the benefits of fish oil. Fish oil is remedy for many diseases. Come! Let’s read some benefits of fish oil.

From many experiments we came to know that use of fish oil reduces triglyceride in blood. Whereas it increases level of HDL wish is considered as good cholesterol. By using it blood do not clot soon and it also reduces level of homostan which is now a days considered as main reason of blood pressure. This is an amino acid which becomes cause of creating heart diseases. Fish oil does not let veins and capillaries shrink and reduce swelling inside body. In scientific world it is said that fish oil is beneficial for heart diseases, high blood pressure and joints pain. Usually 3-9 grams should be used (half to one and half tea spoon.) daily. There is around 5 gram of essential fatty acid in 9 grams of fish oil.  Whereas on the other side you should get around 1.8 grams of eicosapentaenoic acid. It is also in the list of essential fatty acid and it also contains 0.9 grams of docosahexaenoic acid. Linseed also contains omega 3 fatty acid. Therefore you can also use linseed oil instead of fish oil. There is less unwanted ordure in linseed oil. Few organizations mix vitamin E or they extract oxygen so that it do not get expire soon because this vitamin has the quality of anti-oxidation. Second important thing is that omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil is different from  omega 3 fatty acid in linseed oil therefore you cannot get same results from linseed oil which you get from the use of fish oil. Basic qualities of fish oil are to reduce LDL cholesterol, do not let blood clot inside body and to reduce quantity of homostan in it. From some technical experiments we also came to know that it reduces triglyceride in serum and all these things are necessary of diabetic patient because fish oil protects from diabetes and heart diseases. Fish oil reduces symptoms of joint pain. Ladies who suffer from extreme pain during periods should use fish oil, linseed oil and gamma-linolenic acid but preferably fish oil is considered as more beneficial. 42 young ladies were given 6 grams (small tea spoon) daily from which these ladies can get 1080 mg EPS and 720 mg DHA, and they used it for 2 months, 80% ladies felt significant reduction in pain during periods. Fish oil is also beneficial when you feel more than normal coldness in hands and feet. It is very beneficial in psoriasis and kidney pain. It is said to use one large spoon of oil daily for psoriasis. Its use is very helpful in itching, redness and peeling of skin but it is not effective in reducing psoriasis marks. For weak bones use of fish oil is helpful for absorbing calcium. Women can get benefit from fish oil while they do not have periods. People who use medicine to thin blood should be cautious because fish oil also thins blood.

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