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Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

I was engaged when I was 15 years of age, in laws were very loving, but out of the blue I saw that same jinn in my dream, he had locked me in an old house and was saying to me that I will not let you marry anyone.


Respected hakeem sahib Assalam o alaikum! I was engulfed in magic and evil spirits at the age of 12 or 13 years.

My mother was also affected in this curse of magic, evil spirits and jinns since early age, but Allah almighty through a revelation disclosed me the knowledge about magic and its master but I still don’t know the way by which I can get rid of it. This magic was done on my personal diary by a person and after this magic, I was crazy for my diary. I used to keep the diary close to chest at all times but after the revelation when I searched for it in order to burn it, it suddenly disappeared. It has been about 8 to 9 years since this incidence, the diary is lost till today, I searched a lot but failed.

Besides it, I also want to tell that when I started to see jinns, I got very sick, to an extent that I was about to die, but Allah almighty gave me life with his special blessings. I became healthy but these jinns took the form of snakes and accompanied me, they used to stay in front of my eyes, sometimes they would decrease in numbers, sometimes increase. Their leader’s name is huri wala and he was the one who was establishing a claim on me.

I got engaged when I was 15 years of age. In laws were very loving but one day I saw the same jinn in my dream, he had locked me up in an old house and he was saying to me, I will not let you marry anyone.

You are my wife, I considered this dream, a dream but it became real in life. Engagement broke within a year, despite being beautiful no one liked me for marriage. Disease exacerbated and I suffered from gynaecological problems. I have become 34 years of age but I look like 50 years old, am overwhelmed with diseases. Marriage of my sister has also become difficult. Brother does not have a good source of income. Mother also stays sick. That jinn says I shall also ruin your brother and sister. I am in a state of war with these jinns till now. This jinn does not let me live or die, always keeps me traumatized …but… now my condition is somewhat better, spiritual bath and last 6 surah are beneficial, I am at peace and gained lots of benefits by going to moti masjid.

Today while writing to you jinns have frozen my arm badly, there is acute pain in my back, only Allah Almighty is helping me write it.

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