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Ubqari Magazine - February 2015

 from editor’s pen

What I saw, heard and thought


Readers! Summary of a Hadith is that Sahabi discussed ablution with flowing water. The Holy Prophet ﷺ  used to take care even while observing ablution from flowing water as only little water must be used for ablution even if it is flowing water. A person said to me that it was for the times when there was scarcity of water. Now water is available in abundance. Remember! Whatever book on Seerat you refer to, you will find precautions by the Holy Prophet ﷺ  in such a manner which contain advice, care and information. Allah Almighty has given us the blessing of water. Water emerged out from beneath the earth. We wasted water and then after wasting it, consciousness for the same also diminished from us. When a blessing is wasted and wasted in such a manner that even awareness for its wastage is also gone, then it is a principle of nature that Allah snatches away that blessing. A few days back, a programme by Government of Pakistan with pictures for development and preservation of water was received. It contained addresses at all the four provinces and had illustrated precautions and measures in English and Urdu languages to preserve water. These precautions and measures to preserve water were already there hundreds of years ago in the practices of the Holy Prophet ﷺ  and Sahaba e Karam رضوان اللہ اجمعین were advised for the same on numerous occasions. So come on! Let us make this advice a guiding light for us. Every example and practice of Sunnah will flourish and live till Qayamat (Doomsday).

Principles for Conservancy of Water in Domestic Usage:


  • We are facing acute shortage of clean and healthy water. Remember, every drop of water is precious. Follow the right path and save your future.
  • While applying soap on utensils, do not leave the tap open.
  • Fill a separate tub with water. Apply soap on utensils and then put them in this tub so that lesser water is consumed afterwards for washing.
  • While washing clothes, do not keep the tap open continuously. Make use of a bucket.
  • When washing your car, do not let the water to flow continuously. Take water in a bucket and clean the car using a sponge or a cloth.
  • If a car is to be washed, wash it near a lawn so that the washing water is used by the plants and grass.
  • Get the leaky joints of taps and pipes repaired.
  • Use water with care in Washrooms.
  • When applying soap, keep the tap closed.
  • When brushing teeth, keep the tap clsed and open it only when rinsing.
  • Replace the defective components of the flush tanks.
  • Never leave any tap in open position unnecessarily.
  • Water the lawn or garden with a sprinkler only when required during night time or early morning.
  • Do not waste water on passages, porch or gutters.
  • Maintain the direction of the sprinkler or shower in such a manner that water does not drop outside the required area.
  • Clean the porch and passages with broom.
  • Avoid the overhead tank from overflowing.
  • Install the equipment for indicating the water level which is also available at PCRWR, Lahore.

(Research Department for Water Resources, Government of Pakistan)

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