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Psychological Problems and their Treatment

Ubqari Magazine - September 2014

Doubt on Husband

 I am 21 years old. I have one child. My husband before wanted to get married with another girl but her parents did not agree. They used to meet each other. When I came to know about it they stopped meeting. My husband takes care of me. We do not have any financial problem. But I am always restless. I doubt on my husband. Few days ago, I came to know of another girl that he had problem with. I do not blame any girl. My husband is at fault.  Whole day he is out of house. He does not give time and don’t talk much. May be I lack something, that he does not pay attention to me and follow other girls. We are not sincere with each other. We often fight.

 (H.K, Islamabad)

Advice: - It happens after marriage that sometimes views, thoughts and personalities of husband and wife clashes. On top of that if you ever come to know that your life partner had interest in someone else before marriage, then that aggravates the conflicts. If you’re also sensitive or doubtful person then your happiness can change into problem within no time. This ends up harsh talks. It means that your thoughts get a chance to come out through your words. You are right that husband should give you some time but saying that he has an extra martial affair is only your doubt and does not seem to have any reality.

Abstinence is better than treatment


My mind is weak from childhood. I have eaten lot of almond but it did not benefit much. My mood gets upset on small things and I end up not eating food for 2 days. I am facing hurdles in all what I do. I don’t feel well. I cannot talk for 2 days as if I am dumb. I harm myself. I often fall unconscious due to the health issue. I feel dizzy. Doctors say that I should not think much and should not take tension.

(Rana Zubair, Lahore)

Advice:-  To treat any type of sickness abstaining is the of the treatment. If the current treatment that you are undergoing is not helping then you need to check with the neurologist. These specialists’ doctors treat anything problem connected to brain. You problem can only be diagnosed after checkup. As far as thinking and tension is concerned, any normal human being will have an effect of his surroundings. That does not means that he should harm himself. Your sickness is curable. Please refer to a good doctor.

First position of my son

The environment of my house is very peaceful. But there is never an agreement when it is about my children education. I have one son and want him to get first position in his class. My daughter always pass with good marks. People say that it is very difficult for boys to develop interest in studies. He passes but never with extra ordinary grades. Maybe because he pays more attention to games.

 (Mrs. Haris, Lahore)

Advice:- It is very important to be happier on your daughters  grade as you want to be for your son. If your son passes with normal grades, then you need to show him your happiness.  Work hard on him from the next year in order to get better grades. It is important to pay attention throughout the year. Everyone has a different IQ level. It is also parent’s duty to expect accordingly from the child. Therefore keep an achievable goal for your child. So that he does not get demotivated with your attitude. Encouragement leads the children towards their abilities.


Fear of disease

My father has diabetic. He has been on treatment from long time but his condition is not getting better. He has to be on medication forever. One of my brother lives abroad.  We are unable to contact him for month. He only calls himself after months. My father is always tensed about my brother. My mother is also ill having also developed fear of diabetics. I am very careful in my eating habits and due to which my weight has decreased tremendously. Now everyone also me if I am also sick.

 (Mohammad Zahid, Shikarpur)

Advice: The sugar level is not in control in the body for diabetic patients. The sugar level fluctuates in case of tension fear and depression. Medicine needs to be taken for ever. If you are under 30, then you should not avoid food unnecessarily. If you want to have paper diet, then you need to contact your doctor. The reason for your weight loss is actually your tension and fear of your health. If you get rid of these tensions, your health will also improve.

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