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Reduction of 16 Kgs in weight in 36 days

Ubqari Magazine - August 2014

Respected Hakeem Sir, Assalam-o-Alaikum: My weight problem is quite old. In June 2010 my weight was 70 Kgs which was over the standard weight for a 16 years old but it was not a problem for me or my family. But in September 2012, my weight reached 111 Kgs. My father upon his return from a foreign country after 4 years, was very upset. Upon expressing of concern by him again and again I was forced to think about it. I started walk. In July 2013 my weight was 108 Kgs. After this I went to Tasbih Khana in the end of the holy month of Shawal with the intention of spending the holy month of Ramazan in the Tasbih Khana. Then I spent the month of Ramazan over there, sometimes, I would do some work as well. I slightly reduced my food intake and once after Asar Salah and after Zikr-e-khas I prayed for my weight problem. After Eid when I checked my weight, it was only 92 Kgs. Thus, reduction of 16 kgs in 36 days only, this is only and only the barkat (invisible divine help) of Tasbih Khana, besides reduction in weight I got rid of permanent laziness also. May Allah S.W.T bless Sheikh-ul-Wazaif Respected Hakeem Sir with long life and help Tasbih Khana through his invisible treasures. Ameen. (Hidden)

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