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Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

This page is dedicated to everyday family and personal problems of women. Women must write about their everyday experiences and observations. So, write with clarity and on one side of the page, even if it is not organized


I had a wish in my life that whoever my child is he/she becomes a Hafiz e Quran. Allah blessed me with a boy so at the age of 5, I sent him to a madrissa. It’s been five years and the child has memorized only 6 chapters till now that too with difficulty. How can he memorise the Quran better, please let me know? (Saeeda, Lahore)

Suggestion: Some children are born smart while others are not. But there is some role of the childs environment as well. Some teachers teach with love and care while some are very strict. I have seen a Madrissa where the Qaari Sahab pays special attention to children. All the children were poor, coming from poor areas. There were approximately 70 children, ranging from 9-14 years in age. In the morning the children and Qaari Sahab used to have breakfast at the same table together. Because of his affection, children used to memorise the Quran quickly and complete it fully in 1.5 to 2 years time. Now you should visit the place where you have admitted your own child and see how the Qaari Sahab is teaching his students. 5 years is a long time, if he hasn’t been able to memorise it till now so how will he do it in future? My advice to you is to admit the child in a school and arrange for a Qaari Sahab who can teach at home. In this way, the child’s future will be secured. Or you can admit your child in a school where along with religious studies, they teach general education as well. These there are numerous Madrissas where the child is taught with his psychology kept in mind.


I have a machine to mince meat which becomes rusty every now and then. Secondly, despite all my efforts it doesn’t get cleaned properly. For this, please tell me something so that it is cleaned properly as well as doesn’t rust away. (M.W- Lahore)

Suggestion: Miss, wash the mincing machine first with a clean piece of cloth by scrubbing it. Then apply mustard oil to the machine by soaking a piece of cloth in mustard oil and cleaning the machine with it. When you want to mince meat, clean it and put in a slice of bread and take it out of the machine. This will clean your machine. After mincing meat, put in another slice of bread through the machine and again apply oil to it. Your problem will be solved.

Pale Complexion, No Blood!

I’m 18 years old, my complexion is pale and there’s hardly any blood made in my body. I keep taking medicines but have very little benefit. Please tell me about such diets which help make blood in my body so I can get better quickly. (Aima, Rawalpindi)

Suggestion: You are so young now; even taking in water can make blood! Actually because of some wrong habits we have to see the doctor. Eating sheep’s liver helps make fresh blood. Its winters, so you should try to eat liver thrice a week properly. You can cook the liver with fresh fenugreek. You can either cook pieces of liver on a flat pan (tawaa) or make its curry and eat it. Eat lots of carrots, beetroot, turnip, radish, salad, and cabbage. Your health will improve!

Child eats insects!

I have a two year old nephew, he does not feel hungry, and only has milk if we make it and give it to him. He is fond of eating rubbish like insects and even goat droppings. My father is a doctor, he even gave him medicines to arouse hunger in him but to no avail. He’s an extremely stubborn and arrogant child. He cannot cross his legs and sit in a tailor style. We have been blessed with everything by Allah but this child does not touch a single fruit even. Please kindly solve this problem, our whole family will be ever grateful.

(N.A, Shahkot)

Suggestion: Ma’am, if everyone sit and eat together, the child will want to eat as well. So you all should eat together in the evening. Looking at you, the child will start eating with interest as well. Call two to three of his age fellows from the neighbourhood. Cut the fruits and put them in front of the children. He will start eating them after looking at the other children. Our elder women used to tell us to call poor kids and make them sit next to your child and then give them all food. The child who doesn’t eat food and fruit will start eating it this way. Take 250g of minced goat meat and a little Chanay ki daal (gram pulses). Then add salt and seven cloves of black pepper and boil it. After boiling, give it the shape of balls and fry them. Keep them in front of the child he will eat them with interest. Give him fried chicken liver pieces cooked with salt. Apply olive oil and massage the child’s legs every day. This way his legs will become stronger and he will begin to sit. 

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