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Your dream and bright interpretation

Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

Uncooked meat

Dream: I saw a man who I have never seen before, he was eating uncooked meat, he had devilish smile on his face. Saw another dream in which an old man (who I have never seen before) was wearing cloak, he has stolen my jewelry box I took it back from him but there was nothing missing from box, but that old man has got needles wrapped in black paper. (Frazia, Muree)
Interpretation: according to your dream you and your mother has problem of infulences. Immediately give meat as charity, recite blow and drink Sura Fatiha, Ayat Ul Kursi, Sura Falaq and Naas forty one times on water. Continue this till 90 days.


Good News

Dream: i saw there is a huge building like a palace, it has allays like palaces. Parterre full of fruits. There are huge lawns where people are sitting wearing good clothes. Suddenly I saw up and saw many women in window, among those women there is my wife who is looking very beautiful I thought that she is my wife and I woke up. (Ghulam Rasool, Peshawar)

Interpretation: according to your dream shortly you will get good news, recite Sura Yaseen after Fajar Namaz and pray.

Loh e Qurani:

Dream: I did istikhara for a work and saw in dream that I am reciting Loh e Qurani, while reciting I said that it is incomplete don’t know how it become complete I recite it complete. Firstly I started Loh e Qurani from [PLACE FOR ARABIC] and afterwards I started from  then I say that I have recited it completely. (Shaista, Lahore)

Interpretation: according to your dream INSHA ALLAH you will get success in matter for which you did istikraha, recite sura Yaseen daily and pray.

Girl, me and cycle

Dream: I saw that I am going to my grandfather’s home, there is my aunt’s home in the street from which I am passing by. She and her daughter are look at me from roof. I passed by without look at them. At that time I hated them because I don’t want to marry her daughter. Then scene change and I was standing in door of grandfather’s home. There is person who I don’t know was injured or he was high, he was falling here and there. I wanted to throw him out. Then scene changes my aunt’s daughter is sitting in that house (house of my grandfather) and I entered from main window, I was feeling that I came to take her. There was my cycle outside whereas I didn’t come on cycle. Then I thought how I will take her on cycle. Then I ask her lets go, I am walking with cycle and she is walking behind me. (Muhammad Shahid, Rawalpindi)

Interpretation: according to your dream you are at a loss in some matter but if you completed it with courage you will get great victory.

Hair on ground

Dream: my brother saw that her sister is oil massaging her head, he said oil my hair too and at same moment he started throwing his dandruff, almost all of dandruff fall down and few hairs too, then I woke up. (Afsheen, Kohat)

Interpretation: according to your brother’s dream he might get some disease, ask him to do charity recite Surat Fatiah41 times with Bismillah after Fajar Prayer till 21 days, INSHA ALLAH he will be saved.

Bad influences

Dream: I saw that there is no electricity and my brother is home who is studying in Singapore. He asked me to cook something for him. Meanwhile in room where my late great grand mother lived and after her my late uncle lived, but now it is closed from few years. A child crawiling came out from it wearing pink dress from head to toe. I didn’t see his face, my brother pick him up with love. I started reciting and blowing Surat Falak and Naas on my brother and that child, meanwhile my brother start walking with that child and reached door. Now as I blow on my brother his face became so much horrible. He was holding child with one hand and with other hand he pushed me hardly and said “Falak”. After that I realized that I am dreaming. I tried to wake up from dream but I felt that someone is pressing my throat. I tried to escape from it, when I wake up there were azans going on. ( A, F. Multan)

Interpretation: according to your dream you have problem of influences which is disturbing you from quiet a long time, immediately give meat as charity and recite Sura Fatiha, Ayat ul Kursi, Surat Falak and Naas 41, 41 times. Blow it on yourself and also blow on water and drink it. Continue this till 90 days.

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