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Greedy father who made a deal on his son’s life

Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

This world of ALLAH is not blind spot, here is also process of punishment and reward on limited scale, this incident is 44 year old and it was also published in Sunday magazine of daily Nawa-e- Waqt. I am not disclosing name of Doctors whose story is this so that this essay do not become matter of back biting and also his relatives and friends do not get hurt, my purpose is just to take lesson from it. There was a time when this doctor was only neuron surgeon in Pakistan, he was very capable surgeon of mental diseases and mental accidents. To get an appointment patients’ relative used to hold his feet, his expertise and experience made him stubborn, he was worshiper of money and had no manners and courtesy. Sometime he used to open skull and  started bargaining with his relatives. One night one God fearing man passing by road in his car he saw that a young man was lying on road and his motorcycle was there too, that car driver took that young man to doctor’s clinic for treatment and his life. That man told doctor that I saw this beautiful young man lying on road I think that some car hit him, kindly check him. May be nature give him his life due to your kindness. Doctor said I don’t have time to see such patients without any reason, my fee is fifty thousand, if you don’t have such amount then take him to some other hospital. That kind man said that I am not in a position to give your fee kindly check him as compassion. Doctor said please finalize money I will check him only after payment. That kind man promised that I will go home and will bring you forty thousand kindly check him now, half hour passed during this conversation and patient got serious. Now doctor came out from his office to lounge and saw an unconscious young man covered in blood, doctor started shouting and crying because this beautiful young man was his only son. Doctor operated him with trembling hands and crying eyes but during operation in front of his eyes he died. This is how ALLAH gave punishment to cruel and greedy doctor in this life. Fate reacts as per person’s good or bad deeds.  [PLACE FOR ARABIC]. Moulana Zafar Ali Khan said: [POETRY]

Mutiny with mother and destroyed life(G,A. Sargodha)

Respected Hakeem Sahib Asslam O Alikum! I am that unfortunate son of my parents who not only destroyed this life but I think I have also destroyed my life thereafter.

I was 2 since my father died, when I grew up found my mother a bit strict. She used to scold me often slap me when I commit some mistake. Don’t know it was matter of my age that I started hating her, I often used to argue with her, when she scolded me I also started scolding her in same manner due to which she started crying and I used to leave house with “eyewash”. During this my mother left this world, I have 2 alder and 1 younger sister. Alder sister was educated, she got married and moved to Saudi Arabia, and she educated us, bared our living expenses and arranged our marriages. I got married to women who was wicked and foxy, I am working hard out of country since 20 years, she lived with me in Makah for 2 years, on returning one night I was sleeping suddenly I woke up and I saw that my wife was talking to someone on phone, I heard her for one and a half hour, she was talking adultery to some strange man I got anger. I asked for that phone number but she fight me and moved to his father’s home. My wife took 565.2 grams of gold, laptop, mobile and expensive things with her. She filled divorce and got decision in her favor and I got nothing. My problem is that I never get peace in my life, every time I am upset, there are hurdles in my every matter, I can’t save money, it moves from my hands somehow, I never found sincere friend. I was not sincere with my mother then how can I get sincere friend or wife.my mother died 10 years ago and these 10 years brought me only destruction. 

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