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Lions’s help promoted Farmer to King

Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

(Muhammad Shoaib, Lahore)

When farmer saw lion speaking like humans, he become more afraid. The Lion said that brother, don’t get afraid from me as I have prayed Allah Almighty to give me power to speak for some time. The farmer got courage.

In old times, there was a village far away from the city and got affected from flood which took away every thing. In the same village, there used to live a farmer and a goldsmith who were very close friends. After the flood, both of them decided to move to city and work as there was nothing left in their village. On their way, there was a thick forest and the travel was of more than 15 days long. They had no convince to travel on but still they bought some stuff of need and started their journey. While they were travelling, their eatable stuff got finished and the goldsmith caught fever and become disabled. The farmer made some place for his rest in thick trees of the forest and went to search some wild fruits in the forest. While he went far away, he found a lion who was crying with pain. The farmer started shivering when he saw the lion but the lion could not move and asked him that brother I will not say you anything, but please help me for the sake of God.

When farmer saw lion speaking like humans, he become more afraid. The Lion said that brother, don’t get afraid from me as I have prayed Allah Almighty to give me power to speak for some time. The farmer got courage and he went near the lion and asked, that how can I help you. The lion said that there is a thorn in my back leg, please take it out for God sake as I cant bear the pain. If any hunter comes here, he will catch me and imprisoned me.

The farmer showed reservation that if I pull the thorn out, you can eat me then. The lion humbly requested that I promise you that I will not harm you as you are doing good with me. The farmer courageously went near to him and took out the thorn from the leg of the lion. Cleaned the wound and tied it with a fabric. The lion thanked him and said that a kind hearted person, how can I help you now. Lets go with me. The farmer went with the lion and asked him that one of my sick friend was lying in the forest and cant walk due to weakness, please tell me about some trees of wild fruits, I will be thankful to you. The lion replied that you friend is my friend now as a few days back two hunters came in forest, me and my lioness attacked them and killed them. They had some eatable stuffs which we kept with us. Let me give you that stuff plus I will also give you some herbs that will give relief to the sick friend and make him fine within two days. The lion took him to a tree where there was the stuff. The farmer took the stuff and went with the lion and he took him to the herbal plants and asked the farmer that crush these herbs and give it to your friend as this is the plant which gives relief to any kind of disease with the blessings of Allah Almighty. The poor man plucked the plants and kept them with the stuff. The farmer said good bye to the lion saying that my friend will be waiting for me. The lion said don’t be in hurry and give me some more time to serve you. The lion said that a few days back a prince came in forest for hunting but the tigers attacked on them and killed some of them including the prince while rest of them escaped. The prince had pearl necklaces which I kept with me and they are in a cave now. Take them and give it to the kind. The farmer came back and gave the herb to the goldsmith and he got relief in some time. When the farmer narrated the story to his friend, he become greedy and started thinking about stealing the precious jewelry. Both of them now had the eatable stuff and they started their travel again. The friend was greedy and while he got the chance to escape, he ran away with the jewelry and went to his home.

The queen was in critical condition due to the demise of his son and was very sick, the kind announced that whosoever will treat the queen, will get half of his state in reward. Many physicians came to treat the queen, but nothing was giving her relief. The farmer went to the palace of the kind and told his purpose to the guards and they took him to the king. The king saw him from top to bottom and said that many physicians came here but could not treat the queen and you don’t seem to be a physician, than how you will treat the queen and we were already in grief of losing our son. The farmer said that King why are you so disappointed, take me to the queen. InshAllah, she will be fine with the first dose. The farmer dissolved the herb in water and gave it to the queen and she started moving and opened her eyes. The maids and the king remained stunned. The next day the queen become able to speak and till evening she become complete fine.the king opened doors of his treasure for the poor and gave half of his state to the farmer. The farmer told him that his was killed during the hunting and narrated his story of the forest and also told him about the fraud of the goldsmith who took away the jewelry of the prince. The king got angry over the goldsmith and asked his soldiers to arrest the goldsmith and announced aid and help for the village. The goldsmith was arrested from his house and after some time the king got impressed with the honesty of the farmer and gave him all of his state. When the king died, the people considered the farmer as their king.

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