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Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

Computer Halwa ke gayara faidey

Readers, there was an article on computer halwa published in May 2013. Since then we are receiving lots of benefits that people are sharing with us. This is very true that peopleread the articles of abqari and follow them with trust. This trust is the evidence that people write their experience with us. A reader Choudhary sahib and other readers how have written some benefits of computer halwa are written below:-

  1. Taste

The halwa is very tasty. Me and my son often hide and eat the entire halwa. Apart from the benefits, the taste is great.

  1. Power and energy

It provides energy to muscles and body that the person feels healthy, energetic and powerful.

  1. Memory and IQ level

The memory (think power) increases by consuming this computer halwa. You will get rid of forgetfulness. It provides peace to the mind.

  1. Childrens health

Children who have less time in there exam can eat this computer halwa. As it has been observed that children got very good result who were consuming this halwa. There overall heath was also better.


  1. Eyesight weakness

Many children with weak eyesight were given computer halwa. This helped them to improve their vision. Some people even got rid of glasses by this halwa.

  1. Effect of Winter

If this halwa is consumed in winter then a negative effect of winter is reduced. Especially for those people who feel very cold and cannot bear cold weather.

  1. Cold , flu and cough

Computer halwa is proven to be very beneficial in treating cold , cough and flu. It also treats mental weakness, head ache, organ weakness etc.

  1. Get rid of old pain/ache

People who were suffering from pain like back pain, muscle pain, disc placement issues , bone pain were treated by this computer halwa.

  1. Feel lighter

By consuming this halwa you will feel lighter, healthier and active. It also regulates your cholesterol level.

  1.  Attention to those who donot feel hungry

This halwa is also beneficial for those who donot feel hungry. Those who feel lazy, cannot eat anything properly and donot feel hungry and are weak should eat this halwa.

  1. Beneficial for children

It sharpens the brain, improves the thinking skills in children.

Apart from all these benefits it is very important that one should wake up early in the morning to eat this halwa. People have got benefit in a month by eating this halwa. You can imagine how much benefit they will get if they continue using it. Reader, I have received lots of benefits from people through emails, letters, messages and meetings. I was also amazed to hear its benefits

Fact is fact this halwa has tremendous benefits and it contains all natural ingredients. It is important that we consume natural things to stay healthy.


  1. Fresh egg 24
  2. Black peas 250 grms
  3. Small cardamom 10gm
  4. Sweet almond 250gm
  5. Pistachio 250 gm
  6. Chaaron maghaz 100gm
  7. Sugar 1 killo
  8. Gond philio 250 gms
  9. Khoya of milk 500 gm
  10. Desi ghee (clarified butter) 


Grind all ingredients from no.2 till 7. Now beat egg in an open bowl. When they are well beaten add the ground no.8 (gond philio) separately butter. When this turn little reddish then add gond philai.  When gond philai turns red then add the egg mixture in it keep stirring the spoon in the pan. When the clarified butter is separated from the mixture, then add khoya into it and mix well. The whiteness of khoya should fade away after mixing. Now the halwa is ready. It should be saved in glass containers only. It should only be taken in breakfast.

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