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Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

This story was narrated by one of our relative. It’s not a story, its in fact a sad thing to say that a stupid person took a very precious secret/tip with him in his grave(died without sharing). I was young at that time. Mr.Malik used to live near our house. Once we were standing outside our house that we saw a man walking towards Mr. Malik. The man was in a dirty dress and was untidy. The man approached Mr. Malik. Mr. Malik met the man very nicely. Everyone was shocked to see this. Everyone was shocked to see this, everyone thought how can a well dressed person like Mr. Malik meet such a person. Mr. Malik greeted him and said ‘’hakeem sahib you are are welcome’’. Mr. Malik took him to his drawing room. Everybody thought what kind of Hakeem is this man. Mr. Malik told us that his name is Mohammad.Sadiq, who is very good Hakeem. He is known as hakim Sada. Mr. Malik’s wife was suffering from pills. Hakim Sada used to give a medicine which was very effective for the treatment of pills.

This man was very greedy and used to charge 100RS. This is about 80 years. When a clerk used to be paid only 40RS at that time. This was considered very expensive treatment.

The treatment continued for one month. These were same medicine to eat. Last day of the month hakim Sada came with an oil. He gave it to Malik sahib and instructed that his wife should massage this oil and then sit in a tub of hot water. He also gave a powder that needs to be added to water. Malik sahib called my mother to apply the oil to his wife. My mother did the same as instructed by hakim Sada. She made the wife of Malik sahib sit in a hot tub of water. Mrs. Malik was sweating because of the heat.

 After some time it felt that something was falling in the tub. Hakim Sada was sitting in the drawing room and kept asking the condition of the lady. After one hour when the water cooled down. Hakim Sada said that the treatment is complete now.

He asked Malik sahib to get the water of tub. He asked to throw this water. When this water was thrown, small red insects’ dead were found in the water. He said that these are insects of pills that cut a person from inside and a person feels pain. Now Mrs. Malik is fine. She will never face this problem again.

My father and Malik sahib tried his level best to get the secret remedy from sada hakim but all in vein. They even offered him money hakim sahib was almost above 18 age and it was quite possible that he was not willing to share this remedy with anyone. He was a miser/stingy person. He never used to spend his money. Instead he used to give this money to someone else for saving. He did not had his own house, and his wife had expired    long time ago. He also did not have any children. We told one doctor about the treatment of pills. The doctor also said that there is no permanent solution in science to kill these piles insect. The patients have to undergo operations.

 I wished that Sada hakim would have shared these precious remedies with someone that can help so many people.   He could have taken money but should have shared. Anyways these are such people who do not like to give benefit to others. I wonder some time from where hakim Sada got this remedy.

Most of the people who knew Sada hakim passed away. Whoever is alive is sad on not getting that remedy. Hakim sahib earned good sum of money through his treatment during that time but he was very unlucky that he did not gain any benefit of sharing this remedy that people could have treated many people.

Reader if you have any such remedy please share it with ubqari and get countless blessings.

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