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Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

The milk of camel suggested by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) medication {Tibb e Nabwi (S.A.W)} is a diet and cure as well. It has health, cure and blessing.

A famous non Muslim researcher of this era Ya Gell has accepted that the medicated importance of the milk of camel was firstly recognized by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) of Muslims.

Same like the ancient days, the residents of desert also use it as a basic diet in this era and Arabs consider the milk of camel an antidote for many diseases. As per the views of Arab Scholars Imam Raazi and Hakim Iben e Seena for psychological problems, disorder in nature, acidity of stomach and diseases of liver etc. this milk is a best cure because it works in extremely harmless way. It is very useful for the swelling of internal organs except hepatitis.

According to latest researches the elements for the cure of Cancer are found in the milk of camel. Moreover, this milk is an effective cure for the diseases such as, Hydropsy, tuberculosis, Asthma, all the stomach diseases, constipation and piles, acidity of stomach, hotness in liver, diseases of spleen and for many other diseases. The curing elements and proteins in the milk of camel work as a protective and defensive castle against the extremely dangerous and epidemic diseases and the germs killing elements in it play an important role to be protected from diseases and also increase the immune power.

One liter of camel’s milk comprises 52 units insulin; moreover on the basis of many other factors the regular use of this milk is much useful for the patients of diabetes.

It is the best natural medicine for the mentally retarded children. It is a best diet for infant suckling due to matching properties with mother’s milk. In Arab countries mothers feed their children with the milk of camel as an alternate of their milk and to save their children from many diseases. It is very useful for pregnant women and for feeding mothers. After restoring from a long treatment and to save the person from the harming effects of antibiotic medicines and for the patients who are being treated chemotherapy, this milk works as a defensive circumfluence. It is also helpful for the problems which occur after chemotherapy. The milk of camel is very effective and instantly provides energy. Its use for the weak, lean and old people is beneficial. It is harmless and much beneficial for heart patients due to negligible quantity of cholesterol. It is the best alternative of fresh fruit and vegetables due to the minerals and vitamins present in it. The people who are worried due to fat can also loss their weight by using it for a little time. The milk of camel finishes the weakness of bones and makes them stronger. It is also a best natural treatment for the patients of soft bones because it naturally comprises with the extra quantity of vitamin D and iron. The milk of camel is a best sliming tonic. The regular use of this milk is a guarantee for family health and is a source to getting rid of many diseases.

Method of use: One glass at the early morning before drinking or eating anything and one glass after Asar (mid) Prayer.

{For more detail read the most famous book of Ubqari publications, Sunnat-e-Nabwi (SAW) and the Modern Science}

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