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Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

When a man gets birth he has to pass through the same processes despite having different color or cast. There is no difference between a rich and a poor man. Two hands, two legs, nose, ear, eyes, digestive system and excretion system are the same for everybody. And their needs and care are also the same. However, there is a financial and social difference. On child is provided a costly dress in order to keep himself safe from the cold weather whereas another child is obliged to face the changes of weather just in the scarf of mother or in torn clothes. This status difference could not be finished so far and neither it is possible. The point which I want to remind to the readers is an important human need.

As the eating, drinking, wearing clothes, washing hands and face, sleeping and waking are in the nature of human being, similarly sex is also a concern for the whole world. Having interest in the opposite gender and increasing the generation is a need and desire of every living thing. As we need to know the manners and methods of eating, drinking, sleeping, awaking, bathing, behavior and mutual relations, in the same way we also need to have important and sensitive knowledge of human sex.

But some foolish writers have made this thing very dangerous by their articles that we don’t let our children to know anything about this even being a Muslim. And we try to keep it as top secret and let the children on their way. When a child grows up a process of natural changes occurs in him and he gets worried and contact his friends specially the married ones who tell him their secret stories with great joy and then suggest him to study some slang books (most of them are the translation of English books). By reading the translations of western world the youngsters are more puzzled. The reason for this is that the books are written in the light of western social culture which is the converse of our Islamic values. There freedom of sex and vulgarity are at the peak but our religious and social values have different demands and our youngster is more puzzled instead having guidance from the books. And the confusions in his mind are increased instead of being solved.

The external aspects are too much charming, attracting and powerful that the new generation is compelled to adopt every western fashion and cultural and sexual theory. On the other side, even by knowing the abuse of these theories, the class of our saints, scholars and intellectuals has not been succeeded in providing us a powerful and effective solution for this problem by which we could save our generation from falling into the cave of havoc. The cruel and destroying results, in the form of sexual disorders is being faced by our generation due to negligence of our saints, it is a national dilemma. Our society has been partially devoid by adopting the western culture and sexual theories. What will be its result? Its prediction is not difficult. The way in which our society is adopting depravedness its result would only be the havoc.

There is also a class of saints, scholars and intellectuals which always keep on taunting and criticizing on young generation but perhaps, they have forgotten their actual responsibility. Have they informed their offspring, their gathering, schools and universities about the effects of this extending vulgarity?  Have they assumed their responsibility to inform others about the diseases and deaths due to the depravedness and sexual activities?  If the answer is in negation then what is the use of making the noise? If you have not considered it important to tell your children about the Islamic cultural and sexual knowledge, and if there comes a name of any organ in the literature which is being read by your children then why don’t you stop getting angry and why do you get ready to beat your children? What kind of “human service” are you doing by blaming them as a sinful? Please, leave this kind of behavior and instead of having fight with your children utilize all your Fatawaa and powers against the hidden forces which are the root cause of these problems. Cut those hands who are responsible to provide such vulgar and cheap literature to your children. Recognize your responsibility and provide this knowledge to your children yourself which your son or daughter needs.

Remember! The word sex is neither a vulgar nor it has dirtiness. It is in the basic needs of a human being. Similarly after getting adult the marriage and combination of male and female in a Sunnah way is an important need. And from the term getting knowledge about this we mean to say that before marriage specially in student life when many students talk to each other in their spare time or have some special parties with special friends then they should be aware of the cruel results of such activities which are the part of such parties. By this not only their health will be maintained but also it would save them from being a weak and ill person of the society and to spend thousand rupees on their cure by disturbing the budget of house and they could be healthy and well mannered persons of the society.

I have a sincere appeal to our saints, scholars and intellectuals that instead of implementing restrictions on this sexual human need, educate the children. Instead of being astonished on their questions try to satisfy them so that they could not choose a wrong gathering.  I also have a special appeal for the writers who write on sex that, they should write in such a way that the curious persons about the knowledge of sex could get satisfactory information, by keeping their articles free of vulgarity.

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