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The latest fashion or depression

Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

To protect oneself from worldly harm: the person who recites YA RAHEEMO 100 times after every salat will be protected from all worldly harm and everyone will be helpful to him.

The latest fashion or only depression; the choice is yours.

Raffia hussain,khairpur miris, Sindh

The belief in the religion of Islam grants a person a sense of honour. And in a similar manner, if we incorporate Islamic teachings within our attire too, then we can appear to be a person who is not only comfortable in being different but is rather sure that his way of dressing is essentially correct.  And this is because that Islam has not kept us behind but has told about things that are yet to come. While Islamic teachings address all matters that help us be the best, it also guides us to dress in a manner that is elegant and aids us in grooming our personality. Along with this, Islam is the only religion that grants women with a level of respect and honour. This is why a blessing like hijab is provided to us. Allah has veiled himself within the curtains of light, and He has also kept His home(the ka’aba) covered with a cloth. Similarly He bestowed a blessing like the idea of clothes to cover the body and then he also gave us humans the highest status amongst all creations.

But for women, Allah has bestowed honour and respect in the form of hijab. I wish that we were aware and welcoming of the honour that comes when a women accepts hijab as part of her dressing. This is why our inclination should be towards opting for an abayah or burqa as a form of dress. Try that your abayah is of black colour since the black colour has a relation with the coverlet of Kaaba and also black is a colour that exudes elegance. Also avoid unnecessary accessories with the abayah that attract others attention. Along with this avoid scarfs with stones or other embellishments and opt for more sober materials that can be tied with buttons or pins.

Readers! We must protect ourselves from blindly following the latest trends and must recognize that those who don’t know us or haven’t seen us cannot dictate our style of dressing. Believe me! There are numerous examples in front me of women that have always followed latest fashion trends and have ended up as being psychologically disturbed. And one indication of this disturbance is by the complaint made by these women that we do not have anything when in fact they have much that they can be thankful about. While they may find solace in shopping but they revert to being unhappy about their life. Jealousy soon grows too which leads them to worry and doubt their decisions ;they might have liked to stay simple but this self- doubt and consciousness leads them to unnecessarily embellish their outfits.

Fashion has driven us crazy since sometimes it is said that simple is good and sometimes it is declared that decorated clothes is the latest trend. But unfortunately our life is now centred on the conflict that whether something is in or out. And this very worry generates anxiety and depression that can ruin our ability to trust ourselves. This makes our personality a source of question mark and to avoid this one must not follow the misguided notions rather should opt for trends that are in accord with Islamic teachings so that you have your own sense of style. Furthermore one should avoid tights and closely fitted clothes because they just undermine your personality and instead give a very negative vibe about your outfit. There should be a normal amount of glitter in your clothes such that it does not attract others attention and it does not look too plain either.

Keep in mind the sort of comfort level needed when choosing or stitching clothes so that salat or wazu (ablution) is not negatively affected and are done with much ease.

The last point: Fashion’s biggest source of discomfort---High Heels!!!!

Back in the old times when people faced difficulty in climbing up or down from horses they began to use shoes that had a raised platform or small piece of wood attached to its lower side to assist their climb and descent. These people were the Muslim mujahidin and when the English people saw these shoes, they began to use it too since it helped maintain balance in horse riding. This style of shoes soon drifted down amongst non-military people too and now it is used by women all over the world. But what must be considered is that, should these shoes be opted for?

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