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A healing treatment for physical diseases

Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

Medical advice

  • Body bloated with air
  • Pimples with pus
  • Treatment for High Blood Pressure
  • Juvenile mistakes

For issues to be focused on, send response envelop with address written on it. Your letter will not be addressed in case if the response envelop is not enclosed. While writing, do not apply extra gum, tape and do not use stapler pins. Privacy will be ensured. Write on one side of the page. Mention your name, the name of your city or complete address by the end of the letter.

Note: Take only the recommended diet. Write concisely so that it would be easy to reply.

Body bloated with air: I am severely ill since last year; I have big blisters in my mouth and feel pain even with the touch of tongue. It seems as if the food is suspended in the throat. My tummy bloats after eating food and I feel anxiety and panic. I pass stool twice or thrice a day and belch a lot. Four months before, I had been under the treatment of a gastroenteritis specialist. He gave me ulcer medicines which treated my mouth sores but shortly after some time I was again in the same condition, his medicine benefited me temporarily. Due to extreme flatulence, I feel as if my body is bloated with air. (S. M.)

Reply: You are being prescribing color therapy and Greek method of treatment. Drink one cup of water prepared in the green light in the morning and evening and one cup of water prepared in yellow light in afternoon and night. Along with this, take Jawarish Mastagi half teaspoon in the morning (with an empty stomach) and evening. Take two Swell cures with water in afternoon and night, before meals. Massage yellow light oil gently on your tummy. Avoid eating red pepper, beef, ghee and other high-fat foods. Do gargles with water prepared in green light, two or three times a day. Chew licorice roots daily and swallow its juice. Take diet no.1

A hidden illness and my distresses: I am 25 years and I am suffering leucorrhea since last eight years. I do not know what to do. Someone told me to take Supari Pak with ground alum, it benefited me temporarily but again the condition was same and now it’s increasing. My complexion has become extremely pale, I have dark circles around my eyes and my face is withered. My fiancé has refused to marry me saying that he does not want to marry a patient. I am Hafiz Quran but now my memory is not so good. Two times I failed in English in BA exams; I cannot properly learn my lessons. I had quite good face and fair complexion but now my face has become dark. Please help me, so that my face becomes beautiful and glowing and I get rid of people’s sarcastic comments. I get refused whenever there is a proposal. I hope that you will help me. (F. B. Multan)

Reply: You are suffering this problem because of physical weakness which resulted due to malnutrition. If you keep having lack of nutrition, you would not be able to get rid of this problem. No matter how good medicine you take, the relief will be temporary and you will be ill again on stopping the medicine. So eat good, healthy diet and be careful about digestion. Eat three dry dates daily. Take diet no.2

Pimples with pus: I have pus pimples on my face. First I feel pain on my face and then there are pus pimples which leave marks on my face. These marks are black in color; I also have freckles around my nose. I have this acne problem since last two years. I am 23 years old, one month before I had freckles on my face. I used many creams but they did not work, I am extremely worried. Please suggest some medicine so that I get rid of this acne, marks and freckles. My skin is oily. My sister has the same problem, she is 19 years old and she has pimples since seven months.

Reply:  Take Serphook, Myrobalan bark (yellow), Fumitory herb, Sulfur, Amla Saar and Acacia gum in equal quantity. Grind well and strain, add some water and make tablets bigger than the size of grams. Take one tablet with water in the morning, evening and night for fifteen days. The tablets should not be bigger than the size of small white gram after getting dry. Take diet no.1

Facial allergy: I am 22 years old; I started having pimples on my face since the age of thirteen, which used to recover automatically but left marks on my face. Now from three to four months, I have big red pimples on my face. My allergy increases whenever I take something hot like tea or pickle, which later results in septic. Due to this, I have countless marks on my face. I have a problem of menstrual irregularity since the beginning. I don’t have menses every month but with the gap of two months or forty days. (Tabassum Shakir, Shikarpur Sindh)

Reply: In my opinion, whatever might be the cause but you have allergy on your face. Take seven crushed jujubes and one table spoon fennel; soak in one cup boiling water for night. Boil this in the morning, strain, add some sugar and drink. Write again after two weeks. Avoid eating hot things and chemicals. Take diet no.1

Ear pain: My son is two years old, sometimes he has pain in his ear for which he keeps crying. We give him different medicine but he does not recover. Suggest some easy treatment. (Anwar-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Reply: Whenever the child feels pain, foment his ear with mild warm cloth. Protect him from cold, treat him if he gets flu or cough. Keep him away from cold air and eating cold things so that he may not suffer the pain again.


Asthma problem:  I am asthmatic, the details are that I have asthma problem since last four years, the reason is excessive smoking. According to my medical tests, I don’t have TB. I have deficiency of red blood cells. I am very week; my weight is only 45kg. I do not have heart problem. X-ray tells that my lungs are full of mucus, which is just like gum. I cannot do ablution and say prayer in sitting position. Whenever I eat or drink something, my tummy bloats with gas. Be it known that I am sixty years old and my profession is farming. (Mohammad Imran, Shaikhupura)


Reply: Add one tea spoon pure honey in lukewarm water and drink (with an empty stomach) in the morning. Eat mutton broth with chapatti, you can drink tea. Do not stop taking inhaler, keep using as per requirement. Write again after seven days. Take diet no.2


Urine drops: I am almost 25 years old. For many years I am disturbed due to urinary incontinence (drops) problem. This causes anxiety and I have consulted different physicians and tried their medication as well. However it only provides temporary relief. I have constipation although I do not eat much spicy food. I abstain from hot foods because if I eat spicy food, I feel irritation while urinating. I feel indigestion and pain so I eat simple food with less spice. Please suggest some medication. (Mohammad Imran, Multan)


Reply: Take half tea spoon psyllium (ispaghula) husk mixed in one cup water twice or thrice daily, half an hour before every meal. Take quarter tea spoon Jawarish Shahi after every meal. In breakfast; eat barley porridge cooked with milk. Write again after three weeks. Take diet no.3


Treatment for High blood pressure:  I have high blood pressure problem. When I came to know for the first time that I am suffering from this disease, I consulted different physicians and doctors in Lahore but it could not be cured. Even if it normalized, it recurred once I stopped the medicine. Few days before I met someone who suggested me to eat cantaloupe to normalize blood pressure. According to him, eating 4 to 5 kg cantaloupe daily for forty days regularizes blood pressure for good. (Mohammad Latif, Lahore)


Reply: The manner of eating cantaloupe is that after eating your meal, eat cantaloupe usually as other fruits are eaten after the meal. Generally, the people are of phlegmatic temperament. It means that they have low heat capacity due to malnutrition. Heat is life, if the heat dies down, the light of life also extinguishes. Neurotic (cold) patients should be careful about taking cold food and cold medicine. Eating cantaloupe in excess caused diabetes to a person and nowadays he is worried due to his illness. He has to take blood pressure as well as diabetes medicine, “one misfortune on the heels of another!” take diet no.3


Juvenile mistakes: I am an intermediate student. I have become very weak due to juvenile mistakes. I used to watch porno movies in the company of bad friends. At that time, I was only fourteen years old. I was involved in bad activities in the madness of youth. Now I have reached the stage where nothing is left except repentance! (B. A.)


Reply: Your activities are your disease. Get rid of all this, adopt good company and do not be suspicious. Be careful about your diet and avoid medicines. Take diet no.1


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