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Peanuts…! The Almond of poor

Ubqari Magazine - November 2014

 Along with strengthening the nerves and brain, peanuts sharpen the eyesight. Since knowing about the nutritional value of peanuts, their value is increased. At many places peanuts are called the almonds of poor.

Peanuts are cultivated in abundance in Pakistan. This fruit grows in the roots of peanut plants in the form of net. It is a treat to have roasted peanuts in the winter. In Pakistan and other hot countries, peanuts ae eaten in excess only in winter whereas it is scarcely used in other seasons. In the contrary, in western countries peanuts are in demand throughout the year. There they eat raw, roasted, fried, salty and sweet peanuts a lot. Peanuts are used in many edible products and are a part of their morning and evening meals. In our country, peanuts are roasted in the sand which is very good. But in rich families mostly spicy fried peanuts are eaten, where people abstain from any exercise and physicalactivity. So these spicy fried peanuts prove hard to their stomach, causing blood pressure and a significant increase in weight. While roasting the peanuts along with skins not only protects their nutrition but are less likely to be spoiled. Although peanuts are delicious, beneficial and inexpensive but eating them in excess may cause allergy. In England, such pregnant and feeding mothers are cautioned who are already suffering allergy and are using peanuts or foods containing peanuts that it may affect their children to be allergic. Peanuts contain plenty of fats and these fats do not increase body weight but eating the peanuts fried in oil increase cholesterol and weight.

Along with strengthening the nerves and brain, peanuts sharpen the eyesight. Since knowing about the nutritional value of peanuts, their value is increased. At many places peanuts are called the almonds of poor. Peanut oil is proven to be the best alternate for olive oil, it is called arachis oil. Eating peanuts with an empty stomach removes hunger. Peanut is the only inexpensive dry fruit which is eaten commonly by the rich as well as the poor. Eating peanuts daily in winter removes physical weakness and keeps the skin in good condition. Roasted and ground salty peanuts can be eaten as sauce which works as a nutritious curry. Using peanuts has proven to be favorable in the treatment of several diseases. 

Weak eyesight: For the people whose eyesight is getting weak, eating one chatank (sixteenth part of a seer) peanuts regularly is very beneficial. It recovers the eyesight and does not let get it weak.

Skinniness: Fried peanuts are very beneficial for skinny people. Eating peanuts regularly for quite some time starts increasing the weight.

Low blood pressure: Low blood pressure causes cumbersomeness and dizziness. Peanuts roasted with salt are very effective to recover blood pressure. Eating one chatank peanuts improves the blood pressure.

Heart: The people with weak heart, who get furious over minor reasons or get afraid, should eat peanuts with molasses or sugar-cake (batasha). Add peeled peanuts in the sugar syrup and let it dry , eat 50gram before sleeping. Headache: Grind the roasted peanuts and take one table spoon of peanut powder after every meal. It is very effective to treat headache caused by weakness. Winters: Eating peanuts during winter preserves energy, increases immunity and protects from winter diseases.

Brain: The people doing mental activities should keep using peanuts with molasses, it will improve their mental abilities and strengthen the brain.

Memory: Eating one chatank peeled peanuts half an hour after dinner strengthens the memory and has proven beneficial to cure amnesia.

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