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Thankfulness of the Blind Boy

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Farhat, Lahore

Whatever you have be thankful for that. Always remain innovative. Become an inventor. And think different and positively.

A blind boy was sitting on the stairs of a building while having a board in his lap. It was written on the board, “I am blind, please help me”. He was holding a cap which only had a few coins. A man was passing by. He took a few coins out of his pocket and put them in the cap. Then he took hold of that sign board and turned it to the other side and wrote a few words on it. He put the board back. And the passer-by started looking at the new words. Shortly the cap became full. The people started giving the blind boy more money. On the same afternoon the person who had changed the sign came to see if there was any change about the boy. That how is everything going? The boy identified the voice of his steps and asked,”are you the same person who changed my board earlier during the day.” What had you written? The person said,”I only wrote the truth.” I also did the same that you did, but with a different style.” He had written,”Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.” What do you think was there any similarity in the first sign and the second one? Indeed there was. Both sign were depicting that the boy was blind. But the first sign only told that the boy was blind. Whereas the second sign showed that how fortunate the people were as they were not blind. We should be surprised that the second board is quite effective. Moral of the story: Whatever you have, be thankful for that. Always remain innovative. Become an inventor. And think different and positively. Invite others with wisdom. Without excuses and complaints, live your lives with love. When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, you should tell life a thousand reasons to laugh and to be happy. Without any agony, compromise with your past. Live your present moment with self-confidence. Without any fear be prepared to live your future.

Great people say that: Life is continuous process of reconstruction, a process of removing bad things and to flourish good things. In order to travel through the journey of life without any fear or danger, then you would have to buy a ticket of a good conscience. The most beautiful thing is a smile of a person. And a lot more beautiful than that is the awareness that you are the cause of that.


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