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Curing of Spiritual and Physical illness through Meditation

Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

[Rabia Qamar; Lahore]

Research has proven that meditation has effects on our regular day to day life. Through it, a lot of diseases can be cured. Performance and memory can be enhanced with it.

Just like the body has senses, similarly soul has a sense too and activating these spiritual senses is called meditation. Meditation is a condition where a person is not present where he actually is; infact he is at a place where he is not physically present. Actually, all our strength, power, energy, and soul; it is the reflection of the attributes of the Creator, and only soul has the knowledge of Cosmic Sciences. Therefore, it is very important to understand your soul. The soul of life can only be understood by submerging your mind. The five senses are limited in the existence but when they enter the circle of the soul, the scope of limited material senses becomes unlimited. For example, our eye sees so many things in a dream. So any entity that is physically missing but it is possible to be subjected to its existence, it can be found in the magnetic system. The power can be increased by continuously looking at candles, moon and finally sun.

Human brain is the biggest mystery of the universe.  All achievements of this world circumambulate speculation, concepts, and the invisible power of thinking and create new ones with new significance, morning and evening. Therefore the speed in which brain works affects the speed of action. The only way to increase the speed is knowledge. When mediation falls in rhythm and the system of light is revealed, every light enlightens the aspects of brain thus leading human to see with his eyes closed. This state is called warood. Then a stage comes where one can see the unseen with eyes open. This state is called shahood.

The lights and colors have a system which is spread not only in the world but also in the parallel mysterious world. When the force of a particular color takes over human mind, the human mood changes to that color too.  Due to this reason, the colors are important and helpful in medication.

Colors are visible in different forms. Touch also has healing affect. Certain combinations of sound also contain color. The matching and combination of sound has a lot of colors. Hence the voices coming as a result of different feeling impacts the colors present inside and the change starts showing off outwardly. This is called meditation, which shows the unseen. The strength of connection with the Almighty will reflect in our heart in form of love of Allah

Benefits of Meditation according to science:

Daily developments are taking places in the field of mediation in the developed countries.  The results derived from the latest tools have proved that meditation can give all around benefits to humans.  Science gives mediation a status of technology. Research proves meditation effects human life in many ways.  Physical and emotional illness can be cured through meditation; it improves memory and performance as well as mental capability. During tasbeeh, constant concentration is necessary. Ths is also kept in mind while reciting the tasbeeh; whether verbally or speaking in heart. Actual tasbeeh is that which is recited with depth of heart or recited with breathe. Allah has given us heart and breath so we can remember Him with it; and do not remember him only through our tongue. Breathing is also known as the rider of brain. Breathing is essential element of mediation. The first point is that through tasbeeh or recitation, you gain knowledge about your natural breath.You breathe 15 times in a minute, 900 times in an hour and 21600 times in 24 hours, but you don’t feel anything about it. You just know that breathing is an essential process, it is what keeps us alive, and this breathing is the base of Muraqba. The second important thing is that we should know about the different types of the breathing process.

1) Natural breathing

2) Deeper than normal breathing

3) Calm breathing

4) Inhibited breathing

You can analyze these four types of breathing in your bed too. When you are lying in the bed, your breathing is normal. While you are half asleep, you are in the state of deep breathing. During deep sleep you have a calm breathe, and you can feel the voice of mild snoring. Sometimes, during deep sleep the process of breathing gets disrupted too. You wake up at once. These four types of breathing can be analyzed during meditation too. If you focus on your natural breathing for half an hour or more than that, you can go in a deep state. At last you become extremely calm. The third point in this regard is to be aware of inhalation and exhalation of breathing, and to feel its movement in the body. The fourth point is the sound of the mouth, which has a connection with the respiration. When you breath constantly, voices of Subhan-Allah and Alhamd-o-lillah emanate. You can feel the waves of this in your body, this gives you power to restore your physical strength too.

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