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Ubqari Magazine - April 2014

Voice of heart

What I saw, heard and thought ; from editor’s pen

After about two years, I visited Karachi. The busy schedule at Lahore kept me restricted, but ultimately the visit to Karachi could materialize. Of many meetings with several people at Karachi, In today’s account, I will make a mention of two meetings and their importance. A well wisher visited me in Lahore. He introduced himself as Aziz ur Rehman Rehmani. He is son of a noble father and grandson of great grandfathers. Seeing his affection and sincerity, I accompanied him in Lahore and took him to various places. He was delighted and his joy became my happiness. The gentleman invited me to visit him at Karachi during my next visit to Karachi. I did visit him. He took me to the guest’s room at the first floor of his house. This guest room looked was more like a royal guest room. According to him he purchased the main door from Swat for 300,000/- Rupees and got fixed in this room. The woodwork inside the room was excellent, bed was beautifully carved, easy chairs were superb and hospitality was such that surpassed even that by kings. He had a personality comprising mannerism, grandeur, grace and immense humility. Everything was arranged in an orderly and splendid manner. Beauty and exquisiteness was evident from his attire and speech. Despite his efforts he could not hide his educated and innovative nature. Many people have such organized characteristics but he has peculiar innovative qualities and proficiency. On a large piece of cloth, he had written the names of all the Martyrs of Badr. There were 45 squares with exquisite designs having 244,628 numerics in accordance with the digits of the names of Martyrs of Badr. It was a large sized cloth with dimensions of 6 x 9 feet and the well decorated and beautifully arranged digits of names of the martyrs was giving an amazing and superb look. Another large cloth of 18 x 6 feet is also being prepared which will comprise names of the Holy Prophet ﷺ , their digits with their significanc, all the verses consisting the names of the Holy Prophet ﷺ and the Naqsh (Symbol) of the holy names of the Holy Prophet ﷺ . This great masterpiece comprising all the 828 names of the Holy Prophet ﷺ is in the process of production. The gentleman has a distinction in the knowledge of digits. He is upright in conversation and deals. A great number of people oppose him, but he can never change his exclusive and amazing style which is not liked by others but he cherishes the same. I also like his trait since I am also a student with innovative nature. During his conversation, he shared many experiences which I am submitting for the readers:


  • Fill a glass with equal quantities of water and milk and keep it on your side while asleep in the night. In the morning, pour the same in the roots of Peepal Tree (Ficus Religiosa or Sacred Fig). This is a frequently tried out experience for abundance of provisions.


  • With reference to the book “Yud-e-Baiza” containing account of Hazrat Deen Puri رحمت اللہ علیہ , he told that growing mint in a flower bed or a pot and keeping the utensils washed at home is an amazing practice for abundance of provisions and blessings. As per the gentleman, this has also been repeatedly experienced.


  • During conversation, he also told about the practice of Saeen Muhammad Alam  رحمت اللہ علیہ , the Khalifa of Hazrat Halejvi رحمت اللہ علیہ . If a poisonous animal bites someone, slap him in a manner that he does not realizes it. It is effective. Tightly tie a cloth or rope at about a handful distance above the affected area and countdown from 20 to 1 in one breath and spit out.


  • Cut wood from Banyan tree and put it in a pot containing water. Both husband and wife should drink this water regularly specially the husband. This is very effective for infertility. The wood can be changed as required.


  • He also mentioned the experience of Hakim Yousaf Maulvi (South Africa) that a person inflicted upon with magic should be given Afteemon (Air plant) syrup for some time. Half a cup of water with two table spoons of the syrup should be given twice daily during spring season. He further said that if seven seeds of Harmal (  ) be packed in a small sack and hung around the neck like a Taweez, is a remedy for magic.
  • Showing the photocopy of book by Maulana Asad Madni, he also shared his observations. Write ‘جادو بر سر جادوگر’ on a paper with the blood of a slaughtered white rooster and place this paper where the person influenced with magic sits or fix it overhead. This is a very effective.

He also shared another practice out of his experiences. He said that if this transcript is placed somewhere, that place will not catch fire and if there is fire at some place, if the same is put there, the fire will extinguish. He shared this practice with a proper reference and authenticity. I requested that it will be better if the same is also translated. A guest of Sahibzada Shaib, Maulana Hussain Ahmed Shaoodi, previous minister for local bodies, Government of Baluchistan, who himself is also a person with amazing qualities, was also present. He translated the same with his pen. The transcript alongwith the translation is submitted for the readers. (For reference: Jawahir al Haar, volume 2, page 196, Shaikh Yousaf Bin Ismaeel Al Amhaani). The practice is as follows: 

If only 10 miracles of the Holy Prophet ﷺ are written on a paper and it is hanged on a wall or placed somewhere, that place will not catch fire.


1.         The shadow of the Holy Prophet ﷺ never appeared on earth.

2.         Urine of the Holy Prophet ﷺ was never seen on earth.

3          Flies never sat on the Holy Prophet ﷺ.

4.         The Holy Prophet ﷺ never had nocturnal emission.

5.         The Holy Prophet ﷺ never yawned.

6.         Wild animals never got afraid nor ran after seeing the Holy Prophet ﷺ.

7.         The Holy Prophet ﷺ was born circumcised.

8.         Only his ﷺ would sleep but his ﷺ always remained awake.

9.         The Holy Prophet ﷺ could also see on the back, the way he ﷺ could see on            the front.

10.       Despite having a medium height, The Holy Prophet ﷺ always appeared            prominent.

The second person whom I closely observed, was Mufti Muhammad Sahib who is a person with low tone, deep vision, kind heart and gratitude. Where Allah Almighty has bestowed him with religion’s knowledge and worthiness to protect the same, he has also been chosen for service to mankind, understand the world and Aakhira (afterworld), analyze the current situation and for provision of guidance to people. He is settled at Karachi far off from his hometown Rawlakot. For the sake of unblemished journalism Allah has selected him as an advocate and guide. He is a wonderful man with many other amazing qualities. With the power of his pen…. (continued on page 44)

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