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Beauty and health and fitness experiences for Evergreen 5

Ubqari Magazine - January 2014

Useful information from my diary:

Golden rule for good health:

Walk daily morning and evenings, while walking continuously take name of Allah. Best Zikar for patient is LA HOLA WALA QUWATA ILA BILAHI  لَاحَوْلَ وَلَا قُوَّۃَ اِلَّا بِاللہِ . According to saying of Prophet (PBUH) this Zikar is remedy of 99 diseases among which worries and anxiety are lightest. (Tibrani) daily drink at least 10-12 glasses of water. Avoid fried food such as pakoray, samosa and etc. Eat wheat bread. Instead of banaspati ghee use olive oil or sesame oil, food cooked in homemade oil (desi ghee) is best.
Avoid Eggs, meat, salt, oil, fats, sugar and spices. Excess of salt is harmful for health. For better health eat vegetables and fruit. Also have salad, carrot, cucumber, radish, orange and apple, try to eat fruits with their skin because it contains vitamins. After age of 50 keep a check on cholesterol; if level is high then consult doctor because excess of fats causes heart attack. Every person should keep on checking blood pressure and sugar level. Stop using cigarette and all kind of tobacco. Tobacco is poison and it slowly creates diseases and kills. Saying of ALLAH: do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. (Al-Baqra, 195)

Remedy of every disease except death:

As Prophet (PBUH) said Nigella seed (kalonji) have remedy of every disease except death. (Bukhari, Muslim) daily morning and evening at least have 11 seeds of nigella with water.

Tested Prescription for disease of TILLI:

Mesh and squeeze greenBitter gourd and drink 23 grams of its water thrice a day. It cures oldest disease of TILLI within 8-10 days.

Mesh reddish with its leaves and squeeze its water. Mix 0.97 grams of ammonia (نوشادر) in 116.6 grams of water it will cure TILLI within 8-10 days.

Prescription for Insomnia:

For complain of restlessness, sleep disorder or insomnia mix one spoon of black cumin with one ripe banana and eat it at night for deep sleep.

For success in competition:

Name YA RAFEO یَارَافِعُ is very beneficial for success in competition or exams. Read it before and during competition. (Rohani Wazaif)

For pain of injury:

Fine grind turmeric 2.91 grams mix it in milk or drink it with milk for pain of injury. Mix turmeric with oil and massage it on place of pain.

Prescription for Jaundice:

Dip 23 grams of Henna leaves in water at night. In morning drink it after filtering. Within few days jaundice will be cured.

Make eyes disease free and attractive

For pain in eyes:

Take and mix equal weight of honey and onion, put its 2 drops in eyes thrice a day.

For tired eyes:

Put few drops of Mushroom (کھمبی) water in eyes daily. INSHA ALLAH it will cure every disease of eyes.

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood (R.A.) told his wife that it would have been better for you and your eye disease if you had followed Prophet (PBUH), splash water in your eyes and recite the following:

اَذْھِبِ الْبَاسَ رَبَّ النَّاسِ وَاشْفِ اَنْتَ الشَّافِیْ لَاشِفَاءَ اِلَّا شِفَائُکَ شِفَاءً لَّایُغَادِرُ سَقَمًا 

 “(O) People’s God relief me from pain and only you can do it. Only you can relief from diseases” (Abu daood)

Daily before sleeping use good quality of kohl (سرمہ) it is tradition of Prophet (PBUH). Use original honey in eyes. It is beneficial for many eye diseases. Put honey in eye before sleeping. Use original rose water in eyes for healthy eyes. INSHA ALLAH. Twice daily splash cold water in eyes for freshness of eyes. INSHA ALLAH. Nowadays it is season of carrots, daily drink one glass of carrot juice. It is beneficial for memory and eyes. Daily use decrease eye sight number. Refrain from looking at Na Mehram (نامحرم). Evil eye (بدنظری) is first step of adultery. It is essential to remove your eye from Na Mehram (نامحرم) if you look him/her by chance then you should move your glance.

فَکَشَفْنَا عَنْکَ غِطَآءَکَ فَبَصَرُکَ الْیَوْمَ حَدِیْدٌ

Translation: “no doubt you were in ignorance, we removed veil and now your eyes are sharp” recite above mentioned verse 7 times and blow it on first finger of both hands and rub it gently on your eyes. Eyes will remain healthy by doing this act daily. For injury in eye, grind turmeric on stone with water, and apply it in eyes with pricker (سلائ) of Kohl. Injury will be cured by applying within little time.

Treatment of cataract (motia) with onion and honey:

 At starting of cataract mix juice of onion 11.6 grams, original honey 11.6 gram and camphor (کافور سنی بھیم ) 35 grams, apply 2 prickers (سلائ) of this solution in eyes at night. It prevents cataract from increasing; even it cures expanded cataract. Dip half ounce of black kohl in onion-water for 24 hours, after drying keep it in bottle with care. It is beneficial for red eyes, eye web and cataract. For pain in eyes mix onion juice one part, original honey one part and rose water two parts, dip one-one drop of this mixture in each eye. Note: this medicine must be made daily, fresh for use.


Secret to improve eye sight:


Keep 35 grams of pomegranate juice in sunlight. (Cover it with muslin cloth) apply it on eyes when it becomes thick, eye sight will improve.


Beautiful eyes from grape water:


For itching in eyes and loss of eye lashes, heat grapes water on fire until it becomes thick. Save it in a container and at night apply in eyes with a pricker (سلائ). INSHA ALLAH eyes will become beautiful.


Matchless remedy to cure ککرے:


Mix and save equal amount of orange juice with honey. Apply two drops in morning and two in evening. Benefits: matchless for curing itching and  ککرے


For beautiful child:


Maximum use of oranges during pregnancy is secret for beautiful child. Test it if you want.


Clean blood and lush face


Marvels prescription to clean blood:


Charaita 5g, Shahtra 5g, Sarphoka 5g, Mandi Booti 5g, Afsteen 5g, Haleela Siah 5g, Burg Neem 5g, Chaaksu 5g, Jal Neem 5g, Burg Bikain 5g, Rasont 5g, Unaab 70g; Grind and sieve all ingredients to a powdered form.


Dosage: use its half spoon twice a day with water. It cleans blood, glows complexion of face and body, removes freckles and other kind of spots, cures old constipation, skin diseases, abscesses, itching, psoriasis and etc.


For face diseases:


Large cardamom 100 gram, nigella 100 gram, dry mint 100 gram. Mesh all these. Dose: use half spoon with water before having meal.


Lotion to make face glowing like moon


Nigella seed powder 40 grams, original glycrien 100 gram, rose water 100 gram, lemon juice 100 gram. Mix all these ingredients to make lotion. Use with polite hands only at night. Wash face in morning.(Reference: marvels of nigella)


For itching:


Dip Tamarind (املی) 11.6 grams and one spoon Gill candy (قند گل)  in one glass water at night. In morning wash it in same water. Then drink it before eating and drinking anything else. INSHA ALLAH it will cure itching.

Oil for itching:


Mesh and make powder of Purified sulfur  (سار آملہ گندھک) 35 grams, تھوتھانیلا   11.6 grams, کمیل ا11.6 grams, mix all these in 125 grams of  اسوں oil. Massage this oil on body. INSHA ALLAH it will cure itching.


Itching capsules:


تارامیراoil 23 grams,نمولیمغز23 grams, black pepper 23 grams. Fine grind all these and fill them in large capsules. have two capsules with water twice a day. It cures itching from inside. Use continuously for five days.


Prescription and Acts to gets beauty like houris (حور)
Pollution of everyday life has made body ugly. Nowadays men and women use lotion full of chemicals to make their faces beautiful. These creams are only beneficial for short period of time after that they destroy skin. We should focus on indigenous treatment instead of English treatment, because we have benefit in it.
We should avoid fried food. We should use fresh fruit and vegetables which have excess of vitamin C and increase water intake. Tips for beautiful body are as follows: grind peels of green sweet oranges (میٹھے) with water and apply them on face for freckles, pimples and spots on face. Apply Orange peels grinded in milk for face marks. Equal weight of lemon juice, سفیدہکاشغری, and glycerin is also beneficial. Boil منڈیگل  6 grams in half glass of water, filter it and mix one spoon of honey in it, this is also beneficial. Put  زردکوڈی and vinegar in mud put and allow it to get dry for 3 days in shadow, after 3 days rub it on acne. For fresh and beautiful skin apply pulp of Aloe Vera on burnt, rough and dry skin.

 Fresh face from rose water:

For beautiful and fresh face apply mixture of meshed carrot, rose water and honey on face. Wash it after half hour.

Marvelous tip for skin problems:

Make it your habit, daily morning eat one small piece of Aloe Vera, you can also swallow it with water. It is very bitter in taste but very beneficial for skin disease.

For oily skin:

Mix egg white, yogurt (without upper cream), rose water, lemon juice and groat (جو) powder, apply it on face like mask. Wash it after few. It will remove oil from face making it glowing.

Beauty from honey, lemon and ginger:

Using few drops of mixture of honey, lemon or ginger also removes oil from skin.

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