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How Did My Ramazan Passed At Tasbeeh Khana

Ubqari Magazine - November 2013

Respected Hakeem sahib: As’salam’alaikum!  Allah (swt) granted me an opportunity to spend few days of last Ramadhan with you. Before coming to you I was living haggardly. I couldn’t figure out any reason for that though. What I could just remember was my sadness and worried state of mind. Until I read the notice gladly in the UBQARI magazine “spend Ramadhan with Hakeem sahab”. I intended to spend last 10 days of Ramadhan with you. As I reached Tasbeh khana I came in peace from within, heart in joy, mind and soul satisfied. All praises to Allah (swt) (Al’hamdu’lillah) I was blessed with much Benevolence. Now i am in such a state that I am offering Tahajjud, Ishraaq, Awwabein prayers. Moreover Recitation of Quran and Zikr have become a routine in my life. My strayed eyes are now linked with haya. Allah (swt) saves me now from listening music. I was fond of watching Television before, but now I am not. Allah (swt) has saved me from listening Radio as well. Earlier, I to entered my home with heavy feelings and restlessness but now I feel satisfaction. I have made a good use of those 10 days. Days and nights of my life are now filled with peace and serenity.  If Allah (swt) willed (in’sha’Allah) next time I will spend full Ramadhan with you. (Saeed ur Rehman; Bannu)

This Ramadhan has changed my life

Respected Hakeem sahab, As’salamoalaikum! It want to share that I spent 10 days of this Ramadhan with you. Your soul-enlightening lectures and the environment of Tasbeeh Khana changed the world of my heart. Thus this Ramadhan and Eid were total different from previous ones. I made taubah to Allah (swt) for my life. And I threw away the CD’s collection of music and movies I had. Please pray for me to stay on this with consistency. (Ghulam Farid; Pak Patan shareef)

Tasbeeh Khana made me punctual of salaat

Respected Hakeem sahab, As’salamoalaikum! I pray for your institution UBQARI, Tasbeh khana, people related and linked to all of the work happening here, I pray for you  too that Allah (Swt) may save all from evil eye and mischief.  I learnt Quran by heart within three years. Then I got admitted in a religious institute for the course of scholar. This is my second year being there. This institution takes much care of punctuality of prayers so any student may not leave any prayer. Especially they are much concerned for fajar prayer. Although, we woke up at 5 am in winters and then get busy in studies and when it was time for salaat ,we used to lie down and get some rest in our rooms. This was my routine. Daily teachers were getting my complaints. Teachers had made a ‘Salat committee’ for which kept a strict eye on the ones skipping salat.

Respected Hakeem sahib; I was much tensed with my habit of skipping fajar salaat. Teachers used to scold me and even fine me for this habit but sadly it was a never-ending state for me. And when I visited my home, I usually skipped all salaats.

Hakeem sahab, I came to Tasbeh Khana 5 days before Eid. And I asked and prayed to Allah (swt) in zikr-e-khaas sittings. Allah (swt) blessed me with even more than I asked for. Firstly I prayed for punctuality of salaat and believe me, although here there were neither strict teacher nor any salaat committee. But now after spending Ramadhan here, I am habitual of offering salaat on time. I reach to the mosque 10 minute prior to jamaat. Hazrat sahab, this was a gift of your Tasbeh khana, that I am blessed with the best of all of here and hereafter in this way.  I am a Hafiz-e-Quran as well but I was not able to recite and read Quran with routine. In Tasbeeh Khana, I started reading Quran punctually. Here I did other practices as well. I used to read six parahs daily. Besides this, I did zikr-e-khas, nafi asbaat, meditation & concentration in dua. Whatever time was left I read Quran. Staying at Tasbeh khana made me fall in love with Quran. Respected Hakeem sahab, I am living in such a state that whenever I have leisure time, I start reading Quran. I pray to Allah (swt) that whatever practice I have made in Tasbeh khana, may it retain with me for lifetime. (Hafiz Muhammad Usman; Boray Wala)

Such Blessings in last Ashra: Respected Hakeem sahab, I have been linked with you for more than ten years now. I have a busy life but I decided to spend few days of this Ramadhan with you in Tasbeeh Khana. I came to you for the last ten days of Ramadhan. Whatever blessings and wonderful experiences I have gained can’t be explained in words. I regretted of not joining you in the beginning of the month. I gained so much from your fajar and taraveeh spiritual lectures.  I realized lacking of my life and mistakes I have made. I cried and wept for tobah to Allah (swt).  The hospitality of you and your helping partners is unexplainable. (Tanweer Ahmad Khan; Lahore)

Tasheh khana transformed me completely: Respected Hakeem sahab, As’salamoalaikum! Last Ramadhan I made a program of spending time with you. Allah (swt) helped me. Thus I arrived to spend my Ramadhan with you and I gained so much in Tasbeh khana from its spiritual environment which I could have never gained because of my idleness, incompetency and inefficiency.

Respected Hazrat gee! I am worshipping in such a manner which I could not imagine earlier:

  1. I am trying to be punctual in tahajjud salaat.
  2. I am offering five prayers a day with jamaat.
  3. I read Do-anmool-khazana after every salaat; 11 times.
  4. I do one tasbeh of (Subhan’Allahi wa’bi’hamdihi’ subhan’Allahil’azeem. Astaghfirullah’al’lazzi laa ilaaha huwwal hayyul qayyum wa atuubu elaaeih.
      سُبْحَانَ اللہِ وَبِحَمْدِہٖ سُبْحَانَ اللہِ الْعَظِیْم  -  اَسْتَغْفِرُاللہَ الَّذِیْ لَا اِلٰہَ اِلَّا ھُوَالْحَیُّ الْقَیُّوْمُ وَاَتُوْبُ اِلَیْہ ۔
  5. One tasbeh of complete ISTAGHFAR
  6. One tasbeeh of durood shareef
  7. One tasbeh of third kalma
  8. One tasbeh of every word of (laa ilaaha ill’allah) لَا اِلٰہَ اِلَّاللہُ
  9. I offer salaah of Ishraaq daily
  10. I try my best to offer salaah of Cha’asht daily, but i am not regular though)
  11. I daily recite The Holy Quran including 99 Names of Allah (swt), surat-ul-Fatiha, Ayat-al-Kursi, last Ruku’ of Surat-ul-Baqarah, Last Ruku’ of Surat-al-Kahaf, 15th Ruku’ of Surat-al-Hajj,  Surat-ul-Yaseen, Surat-ul-Rehman, Surat-al-Waaqia, Last Ruku’ of Surat-al-Hashar, Surat-al-Mulq, Surat-al-Muz’am’il,Shams,Al-Zuha,Alum-Nashrah, Qadar, Kausar, also Last 6 Surahs of The Holy Quran, & reading 99 names of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)I daily gift it to souls of all Muslims. I gift the reward of these all by the name of Hazrat Ali Hajvery (ra) and of yours Damat Barkataham. I gift these to all Muslims born from Prophet Adam (AS) till the day of resurrection.
  12. After Asar salaah I read Tasbehaat and zikr refered to the generations of Qadri Hajvery.
  13. I offer salat-ul-Tasbeh after every isha prayer.
  14. Before going to sleep I do read “Do anmool khazana” number 1 (1 time) and number 2 (11 times), surah Fatiha , Bismillah x 11 times, 1st kalma x 11 times, Surah Fatiha x 11 times, surat-al-ikhlas x 11 times, astaghfirullah x11 times, 3rd kalma x 11 times, durood shareef x 11 times, Ayat-al-Kursi, last Ruku’ of Surat-ul-Baqarah, , Last verses of Surat-al-Hashar, Surat-al-Muz’am’il, Surah Alum-Nashrah, Al-Qadar, Quresh, Qousar; also Last 6 Surahs of The Holy Quran. I learn these recitations by heart. Respected Hazrat gee,this is my routine. And whenever I get ample time I do wazeefa of surat-al-Fatiha.

Respected Hazrat Jee! I gained so much observations and experiences from Tasbeh khana out of which I am referring to one. After attending your lecture on 27th Ramadhan, I made wazu and started preparing for tahajjud prayer. After tahajjud, the view of Holy kabah and Roza e Rusool (pbuh) was clear in my imagination. Previously it was always vague. But now I viewed clearly a big image of the Holy Kabah like a light emerging out of the darkness and shadows. I viewed myself standing near to Maqaam-e-Ibrahim (AS). Hazrat gee! I saw this all with open eyes during tahajjud time and all because of spending my Ramadhan under your supervision. (Arshad Hussain; Faisalabad)

A journey from Home to Tasbeh khana: Getting update from UBQARI about “spend your Ramadhan with Hazrat Hakeem sahab” made me excited and happy. I thought of enrolling my name in that list physically in Lahore instead of calling as I might not get the time on phone.

As I made my definite plan to set on a journey to Lahore, earlier the situations and conditions were feasible but later they became more and more difficult. Even till the day I had to go to Lahore, I was short of money for travelling. It was a crucial situation; no one was willing to pay back my money but even then I got 500/- RS from an old man and thus I arrived in Lahore. The difficulties which I faced during the journey are another part of the story. Hence when I reached Tasbeh khana and took permission of Hazrat Gee for staying which he granted. When I had to head back to home. I had no money for the journey as I had already spent it. I sold my mobile phone hardly for 300/- RS to a mobile shop near the bus stand, bought the bus ticket and set off for the journey. I faced a lot of hurdles and hardships on the way. I am sharing these details to brief you that on moving the right path, how much difficulties did I, sinful, faced.

I reached my home nearly at 1 or 2 am. These were the hardships which I faced just to gain the permission of spending the month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, my situation was worsening.  And it was making sense that why?  Because if you head towards evil you get ease in the path and people also will help you along, whereas when you head towards virtue, people move away; hardships, fights, arguments and non-feasible situations create.

But I stayed strong-headed that by hook or crook I will go to Lahore and will spend my time in Tasbeh khana. When the date was near I faced many problems that could let me change my mind and what more people were adding was discouraging me. How you’ll go? What you’ll do? Who’ll stay at home? Who’ll be with children? How you’ll manage the journey’s rent? My sources and help came to an end. People I lent money to, switched off their numbers. Business was a total loss; continuous decline. But all of these could not break my commitment.

Banks were closed on the due date.  What to do for the rent? What to give at home? I checked on the other date and found defected ATM machine. I had only 3/- Rs which I had to give as charity. I was standing troubled with my mattress under my arms, a jug on my shoulder when I received a call alarming me about hand fracture of my son. I was sweating of tension that oh Lord what is this all about? Here, I have no rent; how will I be able to pay medical fee? My mobile battery was out of charging. I asked the transport driver to take me to my destination & I shall pay upon reaching. I made a phone call to home from a passenger’s mobile and asked them to meet me at the stand. My son brought the rent and I paid the driver.  My family was at my brother in-law’s home. When I saw my son, I had tears as I had seen such a fracture before.

The other morning I made plan of going to Islamabad. The wait time for the bus was 30 minutes but that day I started waiting from 6:30 am but got a bus at 9:30am. Doctor bandaged my son and I handed over my children in the custody of my relatives. I took rent from my wife and again started my efforts for Lahore but no bus was coming. Finally I reached Lahore at 9 or 10 pm. Spent my night in a park. Early morning I visited Tasbeh khana and started my religious practices here. Hardly I spent one day and then received a call from home that my younger daughter is very ill. I then made a commitment that whatever may happen now, I would leave after spending the month of Ramadan here.

Then by all graces and mercies Allah Almighty wiped out all the worries from my head. And I focused on concentrating to my preaching and practices. I shared all of it to contrast between those days and the day I am living. Now my home is a place of peace and serenity. All worries are gone.

I observed one thing more; previously I was habitual of drinking 15 cups of tea and ¼ of 250g tobacco in a huqqa.  I spent a month in Tasbeh khana but I did not feel any craving for them anymore. Meaning that if any addictive will spend time in Tasbeh khana with commitment of changing his bad habit, he will surely be successful because of the spiritual environment of Tasbeh khana. This is my personal experience. Today I am totally fresh. Allah (swt) eased away all the financial and physical worries by bestowing mercy upon me (Abu-Huzaeefa Manzar)

[To be continued….]

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