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Benefits of Papaya for fair complexion and soft skin

Ubqari Magazine - October 2013

Papaya makes blood veins soft, stretchy and wide. It helps control cholesterol in blood and keeps away risk of heart attack. Normalizes blood pressure and this fruit is specifically beneficial for patients of tuberculosis

Papaya is of yellowish green and reddish color with watery and cold nature, it tastes bitter if raw and sweet with no good taste if ripen.

Benefits of Papaya:

  • Ripen papaya is rich in vitamin A, B and C.
  • It is digestive and increases appetite.
  • It is good for releasing gases from the body and breaks kidney stone.
  • It moves the abdominal worms.
  • The milk of raw papaya is beneficial for removing scorpion venom or putting it on ring (daad) on skin.
  • Unripen papaya is also used for tendering the meat.
  • For removing abdominal worms: it is beneficial to use ripen fruit with honey and if used for three days at night time, then it will surely give benefit.
  • Joshanda of papaya leaves is used for horses as laxative.
  • It is beneficial for inflammation of heart and stomach. It also helps in controlling bleeding from mouth.
  • It helps reducing the risk of piles in summer.
  • If its peels are preserved by drying then they can be used for tendering meat for meals.
  • Its use is a gift for people with sensitive stomach.
  • Its use is very beneficial for tuberculosis patients while those who are suffering with diarrhea should not use it.
  • Only one tola of papaya can benefit the patients of stomach pain or motions.
  • For relief of delivery pains, one should drink one tola of papaya by grinding it.
  • It is beneficial for liver and intestinal problems.
  • Regular use of papaya can increase milk production of lactating mothers. Be careful that 1/2 of 1/4 to be used after meals. Its use is beneficial for regulating menstrual cycle. Hub Papaya remedy is presented here for indigestion, abdominal pains, vomit. Use one tablet in morning and one in evening to get benefit.
  • Papaya, sonth, black pepper, dry mint, lahori salt, black salt and gul madaar, make a powder by mixing all the things and then add lemon juice to make tablets the size of chickpea.

Papaya makes blood veins soft, stretchy and wide. It helps control cholesterol in blood and keeps away risk of heart attack. Normalizes blood pressure. This fruit is specifically beneficial for patients of tuberculosis. The presence of papane breaks the outer layer carrying germs. Experts term this fruit as most digestive. It is very beneficial in enlarged liver and piles, its regular use helps cure constipation and keeps away the swelling of body. It is very useful for swollen intestines, indigestion and gas and swollen tonsils. It takes away mouth ulcers and gum diseases. If papaya paste is used on eczema and used in meals then it will take out the affected material. Besides this, it can be used as a paste on face marks to get fair complexion and softness of skin. Its use is also beneficial for diabetic patients. If used empty stomach, it can reduce weight.

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