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Ubqari Magazine - May 2013

(NailaAmaan, Lahore)

            The most complicated thing in the world is how to deal with others. If we look deeper, the reason is because everyone is always curious about the facts and is never convinced easily.  Similarly when the  kids grow up,they also analyzethe each person for the personal traits.

A well known phrase is that ‘Man is a social animal’ as he has to learn a lot to live in the society and lead a social life.  No one can live alone.  The social adaptation is necessary and a person may have to change himself according to his surroundings.  So there is no way out to live in the society except by learning the patterns of behavior required for a good life.

            This learning process starts right from the first breath and continues till the last moment.  Learning knows no limits of time.  A person combines to learn voluntarily or involuntarily.  Learning is associated with memorization.

            Learning the lesson is such an activity that most of the children are reluctant to it and when they are asked to do some work, they start arguing that if all time is spent on study, where would theyget any time for play and have fun.  In the morning it is school time, and then in the afternoon they have to do their homework and then memorize the necessary stuff.  Then where would they get any time for fun?

            The routine life becomes joyless. The kids also get bored with their activities and the continuous urge and emphasis make them further dumb.  The worst happens when they are compared with their cousins and soon they become careless and run away from their studies.

Now who is to blame of? Parents or kids?

            In fact if both of them take good care of their time schedule and do some time management, they can get back their lost happiness with success in study too.  Everyone is so busy these days that they think their work is more cumbersome and difficult than the others.Even the parents are unaware about what their children are thinking.  The parents should be friend to their kids and increase their acquaintance so much that they shouldn’t have any hesitation in talking them everything that they think.  They should never ask their children to stop talking.  That suppresses the child’s feeling and makes him feel shy to speak.  That shyness makes it worse and his social life, schooling and study are all affected.

            The most complicated things in the world is to know how to deal with others and this is why everyone always trying to seek the truth about others and never get convinced easily.  Similarly when the kids grow up, they analyze everyone and try to know the nature of other people like how easy it is to make someone angry or how knowledge full a person is etc.  Then there are the teachers who also need to know how to treat their students and their personality affects their students a lot. The kids are the best imitators and even they try to behave like their teachers.

Why it is so hard to learn the lessons?

             There are some reasons for that; some are just minor but upon not addressing them properly, they become complicated and problematic. For instance,

1-    If the student is not fully aware about the course outline and its essential parts (which normally happens because of irregular attendances and casual leaves). 

2-    Reaching the study place late and getting behind to lose some of the fundamental basics. 

3-    Improper attention to the teacher and keeping oneself busy in chatting with the friends. 

4-    Hesitating to raise questions just because it may bring down in the eyes of others. 

5-    Instead of noting down the key points, rather remaining busy in finding the references and page/paragraphs etc.

            These are some of the fundamental reasons for failure to learn the lesson and soon the study loses its attraction. Consequently they start cramming the lessons without even knowing about what they are memorizing.          

            They take all this quite easy and even don’t care to bother about the reasons behind their failure.

            Let’s take a simple example whenever we read a story with interest and concentration, we remember that or even the kids could remember that too. But why it is so? Even we had watched it just for once but still we know the minute details.  The reason is our concentration, I we don’t read the most interesting story with interest or concentration, we won’t be able to understand or remember it.  So the interest and concentration is an important tool of learning.

            Now the question is whether we have a way out which is quite flexible and the easiest one.  The answer is ‘Yes’ and the way out is as follows:

  1. First give 2-3 initial readings and scan through the lesson to know about the interesting things out there.
  2. Note down the key points and highlight them on the face of note book.
  3. Now read the points still hard to understand and note them down even you still can’t understand them.
  4. Then memorize the key points that you have just noted down/highlighted.
  5. Try to associate the points with some easy to remember clues e.g. if you can’t remember the date then associate it with some historical event.  Say for example if you forget to remember the date of death of AllamaIqbal (RA) then try to think about the duration between his death and creation of Pakistan.You can associate different persons and places in this way.
  6. Note/take down the lecture notes and read them before memorizing your lesson.
  7. Another way is to break down a long word or a sentence into small parts and convert them into an acronym.  Like DIY for ‘Do it yourself’.
  8. Don’t think about any other thing other than your lesson and pay full concentration.
  9. Take a break after finishing off one lesson before the next lesson.

10. After memorizing the full lesson, practice it yourself by removing your mistakes and identify your week areas.

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