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The righteousness and generosity of HazratTalha Bin Ubaidullah(RA)

Ubqari Magazine - May 2013

The righteousness and generosity of HazratTalha Bin Ubaidullah(RA) (By Abu LubibShadhli)

‘’He said, I have accumulated lots of wealth which has put me into trouble.  I replied, ‘’no worries, you should distribute it”.  So he did, even didn’t spare a single penny.’’

His name was Talha, teknonym  Abu Muhammad and cognomen (laqab) Fayyadh and Khair.  His father’s name was Ubaidullah and mother’s name was Sa’aba. His ancestoral link is connected by 6th place to that of our Beloved Prophet(PBUH).  HadhratTalha Bin Ubaidullah(RA) was born twenty four years before the migration of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).  He started trading from his early childhood.  Once, when he was 18, travelled to Basra on a trade journey, he came across a Christian scholar who was talking about the declaration of Prophethood by our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). When he came back, he had a meeting with HadhratAbu BakarSiddique(RA) and removed all his delusions and through his blessing came to our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) to embrace the true faith of Allah.  It turned out to be quite troublesome for him initially as he was tortured quite badly by his relatives but he tolerated them all with perseverance.  HadhratTalha (RA) is one of the first eight persons to embrace Islam and also turned out to be a source of inspiration forr millions and billions others.

His real brother, Usman Bin Ubaidullah’ tied him up along withHadhrat Abu Bakr (RA) and tortured them a lot to convert them back to the ignorance and shun the oneness of Allah but they remained steadfast and as solid as a rock. He got an age of 62-64 years and was martyred in the battle of Jamal and was buried near Basra near that battlefield.

The wounds of HadhratTalha (RA) in the battle of Ohad.  The mother of faithful, Sayyadina Ayesha(RA) has narrated that he father Hadhrat Abu Bakr (RA) would call the day of Uhad as the ‘Day of Talha’.  He would say that on that day when he returned to the Beloved Prophet (PBUH), he was directed to take care of his companion (HadhratTalha (RA), who was bleeding heavily and had been suffering from more than seventy wounds of sword, arrows and javelin.  So they took a great care of him. 

Fulfilled promise with Allah. (True to covenant with Allah).HadhratTalha Bin Ubaidullah (RA) narrated that when our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) returned from Uhad, he sat on the sermon place and praised Allah Almighty and then recited the verses: (33:23)

" of the believers are men who are true to that which they covenanted with Allah.  Some of them have paid their now by death (in battle) and some of them are still waiting’s and they haven’t altered in the least "

Then a man came forward and enquired about those who had fulfilled their promise.  In the meanwhile, I was also there, covered with two green clothes.  The Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied and pointed towards me that I was one of those who had fulfilled their covenants with the Almighty Allah.


HadhratSaadi bint Auf Almaria said that she saw HadhratTalha (RA) quite grieved one day.  When she asked him about that and offered any help.  He said that you are a very nice companion and he didn’t have any problem with her.  She asked then why he seemed to be quite worried and sad.  He (RA) replied that he had got a lot of wealth and the accumulations made him sad.  She said that why not distribute that among the poor and needy, so he did even didn’t spare a single penny.  HadhratTalha(RA) Bin Yahya says that he asked the treasurer of HadhratTalha Bin Ubaidullah (RA) about the amount he was surprised to know that it was approximately four hundred thousand.

Generous without request:

HadhratQubais Bin Jabir (RA) said that he had been in the company of HadhratTallha Bi Ubaidullah (RA) and never saw a person more generous than him and even he would do generosity without any request.  Hadhrat Amar Bin Dinar(RA)said that HadhratTalha(RA) used to spend more -than a thousand dirham daily in the path of Allah. HadhratSaadiBint Auf (his wife) said that his daily charity was a thousand dirham that’s why the people used to call him TalhaAlfayyadh (RA) (Talha, the generous).

Charity of hundred thousand and torn clothes for himself:

HadhratSaada (RA) said that once, he distributed a hundred thousand charity but when he was about to leave for mosque, I found his clothes were torn and I sewed them up.


HadhratHasan (RA) says that once HadhratTalhaBin Ubaidullah(RA) sold one of his property for seven hundred thousand.  He was so scared and upset due to the money that he received that he couldn’t sleep at night and by dawn next morning, he distributed all that to the poor and needy (HulyatilAuliya)



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