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A Fruit to Help Prevent Colon Cancer and To Get Rid of Glasses

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


A Fruit to Help Prevent Colon Cancer and To Get Rid of Glasses

Be active and smart

Try to eat a banana before going for any exam or presentation, the potassium level in bananas keeps you alert, active, and smart. It improves the ability to think and understand and you get ready to present your best work.

The best protector of your stomach

Pectin in banana and digestive enzymes in banana removes acidity and heavy food from our body which is difficult to digest. During constipation or lose motion when it causes trouble for your body banana makes it better in both conditions. It not only improves digestion but also protects your electrolytes. As a natural prebiotic and antacid banana
protect the friendly bacteria and protect from stomach ulcer/ wound, heart burn, and acidity.

If want to reduce weight

If you want to reduce your weight but you cannot overcome your sweet cravings then come to the sweetness of banana. That means fulfilling your craving through banana, it’s a low-calorie fruit but it contains less water and more fibers due to that your digestion gets slow. And that’s why you don’t feel hungry again and again and it reduces food cravings.

Sharp eyesight

Because the basic source of the Vitamin
A and beta carotene banana corrects the light of your cornea and also keeps your eyesight right/well. It gives sharp eyesight. By reading all these qualities we came to know how much natural nutrients are hidden in it. It is a cheap fruit that everyone can afford. It is an important fruit for our full physical health. Important nutrients also prevent cancer. Fiber amount in it prevents from the large intestine cancer. Iron in it fulfills the deficiency of hemoglobin, calcium in it strengthens the bones, other than that in case of fever it reduces the body temperature. It is said that banana is a natural gift for use. Full nutrients in it make the body healthy by eliminating the lack of energy. It is a popular fruit among both rich and poor. That’s why it is said that banana is not only the food of monkeys.

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