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Ask for a donation to the mosque!/ When The Trader Spat On Hand

Ubqari Magazine - October 2019

Sainthood: One can’t become saint until he quits love to this worldly life and specify his heart only for love with Allah Almighty.

(Preacher of Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqui, Phalat)

Hazrat Maulana is the great preacher of Islam as has entered around five hundred thousand people into Islam. He is writer of a precious book “Naseem e Hidayat Key Jhonkey”

The funds were short when repairing and renovation works begun in the mosque. The mosque committee told the prayer leader that one wealthy trader lives in neighborhood but he is an immoral and dissolute guy. The prayer leader accepted the challenge and knocked his door. The trader came out and got angry while hearing the reason of visit of prayer leader. He was upset of mosque loud speakers and disgraced him. The prayer leader requested him that Allah has given him this opportunity to serve so don’t let him go back with empty hands. The trader asked the prayer leader to extend his hands towards him so that he can pay some donation to him. The prayer leader extended his hand and the trader spat on it. The prayer leader recited Bismillah and rubbed his dirty hand with spit on his chest and extended his other hand again towards the trader with the words “ok, this is donation for me. Please donate me on other hand for Allah”.

How Much Funds Do You Need?

Those words of prayer leader hit the heard of the trader as he sought repentance from Allah Almighty. After a few moments with guilt he asked “how much funds do you need?” The prayer leader asked for three hundred thousand rupees. Trader asked how much total amount is required. The prayer leader told as eight hundred thousand rupees. Trader went inside the home and came back with the cheque of full amount requesting the prayer leader to get all kind of mosque expenses from him.

A Rude and Impious Guy Can Also Become Righteous

When one has spirit of wellbeing and sympathy towards others and particularly for those who are invited by him then he adopts wise ways to treat the invited guy like a kind doctor with due care. This spirit of well-wishing and sympathy always protects him against all kinds of teasing and harms and provides him with all kind of prosperity. On other hand, Allah Almighty rewards him with attractive way of talking if he has pain and well-wishing for others in his heart. Having these qualities help to provide guidance to the most arrogant and sinful men. Many people run away from Salat and Quran while hearing our illogical and using words full of sarcasm.

Every Muslim is Full of Qualities

Hazrat Maulana Inaam ul Hassan رحمتہ اللہ علیہ said that when Hazrat Maulana Ilias رحمتہ اللہ علیہ would send us for patrolling then apart from other advices he would tell us that “Be careful, you are going to visit the houses of Muslims. So visit them with the intention that you are going to get pious and qualities from them as every Muslim is full of qualities. So if you knock their house with this intention you become a beggar.

Now He Is Safe From Torment of Allah

Since you visited him in sake of qualities being a beggar when that Muslim denies to hear you, it’s his right to give some donation to you or snub you. Your such intention would protect him from torment of Allah. If Allah forbid, you visit him being the preacher and he misbehave you then he must be ruined. And you would be cause of his death. He was sitting with his family in peace of mind, but might got killed as he refused to hear you the preachers. Therefore, don’t visit being a preacher rather a beggar.

“Fear” A New Kind of Disease

Human is affected by fear in this atomic era and that affects to different aspects of life. Let’s suppose you are very brave and strong, but even though fear persists in any corner of your brain and sometimes takes over you. As a result you fall under undemonstrated state of worried and make you feel tension and desperation. 

Fear of Old age:

As prevailed economic situation is not satisfactory people fear of the days of their old age. Men makes money in young age but as age grows and he gets into sixties or even fifties he starts feeling weakness.

Fear of Ailment:

Another common fear these days is of ailment. People care of health general principles as they visit doctors in case of minor problems. The doctor on other hands verifies the “critical” ailment and makes money. It’s true that ailment overpowers on weak parts of body and its treatment is must. But it’s inappropriate to fall in the doubt that I am still sick. Such thinking is nothing but foolishness. Sometimes, one thinks that he is not sick but might become sick in near future. Such people start medications on minor problems.

There is only one fear which can be termed useful. And that is fear of Allah and that is termed as beginning of wisdom. Being fallen in such fear, a man doesn’t care about other risks. Unfortunately such type of fear is being ignored and other kinds of fears as described above are growing.  Page 70

People under doubts, tension and excitement must read “Jazbat Aur Khayalat Kay Raug, Nabawi ﷺ Tareeqay Aur Jadeed Science”

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