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Animal Wounds Worse 'All right in three days

Ubqari Magazine - October 2019

Respected Hazrat g Assalalm- o –Alaikum. I am from Jhung and want to share my tips to ubqri readers. Please do publish my tips in “farmer’s friend ubqri”. Because in villages often people suffers from animals bite, especially in case of dogs bite. Surely. ubqri readers will get benefit from it.

Treatment and identification of mad dogs bite

Identification of insane dogs in urban laboratories is very easy. But it is problem in villages. Bring the little blood of victims out in syringe and spread it in the bread and put it in front of a dog. If dog eats the bread it means the dog is not mad but if dog do not eat the bread or leave the brad just by sniffing it. Then understand that the affected person has been bitten by a mad dog.

Treatment of mad dogs bite

When millets stew comes out it is filled with boor collect it take one masha of it add gur of equal quantity it in it and make its tablets. Give one tablet daily to the patient with water. Give it for seven days. The effective patient will be saved from the dog bite disease and be saved

No 2: take the juice of the leave of kekar equal to 3 tolla give this to patient for 3 days if patient feels vomit then give him plain yogurt

Treatment for cat bite

Sometimes if the cat is scolded or reduce from the house, often attacking with anger there is poisonous toxins found in the cat’s teeth which is very dangerous. If someone is the victim of cats bite then take dry mint and grind it well and mix the drops of fresh mint in it and prepare it like a paste and apply this paste in the effected place. Inshallah the patient will recover.

Heavenly syrup! Effective for the burnt person

Whenever it is selling outside collect it in a bottle after some times this seeds change their shape in the form of water this is known as heavenly syrup which is very effective. Put this syrup on the cotton and apply this on the burnt place. Inshallah it will work.

If an animal’s wound has worms, came this ointment

Respected Hazrat g Assalalm o Alaikum I belongs to a village and read ubqri magazine seriously “Formers friend ubqri” is my favorite series it’s very important for our farmers once my donkey became ill and had a deep wound due to carelessness its wound fill with worms we got its treatment but wound and worms did not heel up one of our friend told us that take a tablet of kafoor and grind them well and fill the wound with it and do the bandage within three days the donkey wound heels up

The wound heeled up by using toothpaste

I have mostly read the side effects of toothpaste but it also has benefits which has proven to me if any animal or human got a cut in any part of body by applying small amount of toothpaste on the wound daily in morning and evening the wound will heals up

Former friend needs to support ubqri

Readers if you experience any spiritual or medical tip on animals or crops diseases or on plants or on pet please do write these tips for ubqri write the name of disease and medicines clearly so that others can read clearly your small tip may be beneficial for human beings don’t ignore it

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