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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Spiritual Healer - Curing Spiritual And Physical Diseases Through Spiritual Shower:

It is just natural to keep a healthy and peaceful life and getting rid of a disease is everyone’s desire. A man can suffer from two types of diseases i.e.  Spiritual & physical and their ultimate cure is present in the Holy Quran and traditions of the beloved Messenger (Peace be upon him). The Allah Almighty has said:

وننز ل من القران ماھو شفآء ورحمۃ للمومنین

Islam is a clean religion and emphasizes cleanliness. This is why we are asked to offer all five times prayers while in the state of ablution and we are required to clean those organs that get dirty repeatedly and easily catch filth. Then it has also been made compulsory to take a shower at least once a week so that the whole body becomes clean and tidy.

There is a spiritual practice by the Godly people which is so effective as it has got Allah’s command in itself as well as the Sunnah of the beloved Messenger(Peace be upon him). This is why that this practice is one of the best to cure every type of trouble and diseases. It has been tried by thousands and now it is your turn to try it with full faith as Allah certainly accepts the deed which is done with a firm faith.

Method of shower:

	روحانی غسل سے جسمانی اور روحانی بیماریوں کا علاج


First, recite the last six surahs of the Quran with Bismillah and 3 times durood shareef before and after and then recite the prayer for entering the bathroom with your left foot going in first. Then take a shower according to Sunnah and keep on reciting this prayer in your heart (never read it with your lips) and imagine that all your diseases are also going away along with the water. Then after finishing the shower exit the shower with your right foot first and then recite the same 6 surahs similarly as you had recited them before. The last six surahs are:

  1. Surah Al-Kafiroon
  2.  Surah Al-Nasr
  3. Surah Lahab
  4. Surah Al-Ikhlas
  5. Surah Al-Falaq
  6. Surah Al-Nas.

Note: If you are in the state of major impurity (Janabah), the do not recite the six surahs before the shower rather recite them after the shower۔