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The Treatment of Allergy From Local Ghee And of Increased Bone of Nose

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America), The tip of the Hakeem of pigeon one, It a story about 1965 that one Hakeem sir was very popular. He was famous with the name of Hakeem of pigeon one. My one neighbor Akhtar, who was my friend also, he had very much intense pain of getting his nose closed. He took the appointment from a very famous doctor of that time Doctor Asadullah loon. We were going to meet the doctor that suddenly on the way I got the thought of Hakeem pigeon one. We went to him first. He was busy in his pigeons at that time and was making them fly. We told him about the disease in that same busy time so he gave reply while making the pigeons fly that may Allah pardon “The factory of the Almighty Allah has become damaged or the dye has become bad.” This is no disease, it is only the dryness. The easy treatment of it is this that the pure ghee of cow only, which should be of cow only, take it and put two drops in both sides of the nose at night, at the time of sleeping. (It is the quality of local ghee that it gets melt on the body temperature) He did it for fifteen days. After this, very long time meaning till many years we remained together. He did not have that complain. (Meaning that we remained together till six months, then he did not have the pain of getting nose closed) I used it myself also at the time of need, the nose got opened. Many people who used to have the complain of getting the bone of nose increased and of getting the nose closed, I told them about this tip, he became healthy without the operation. Readers! In the way of dialogues whatever the conversation happened between me and my friend Dilbar sir, I have presented it exactly same in your service. What is the tip? What is the secret? How did I do the curiosity and at last how I got that tip, I may tell this all in front of you. Medical is actually the name of one complete research, curiosity and continuous search. Readers, do believe, every doctor has the nature of research in himself. He roams everywhere due to this search. Even this that if he even has to spend his wealth, life and time also, so he does it for sue. The true researcher of tips: Once upon a time one known man of mine had to learn the knowledge of medical from some man. He went to his house. One day the teacher did demand that my house is under construction, if you may help me in making it as a labor so, maybe I can help you in teaching the knowledge. Till twenty one days I did the labor of bricks and cement. The teacher in real gave the reward of it and gave the complete knowledge and few weird and strange tips. Very much common but effective: Readers, the tips which are gained after very much struggle and effort, I do present it in your service without any misery. Otherwise, without any effort, most of the time there is no importance. The tip of local ghee which I have presented in your service with the narration of one sincere and pious friend, in the diseases of ear, nose and throat, there is one final and last tip, those diseases of nose whose treatment and medication is suggested as the surgery and then after getting the surgery done also they did not use to get the cure so, for these people this medical tip is very much useful. Yes, use it for some time and then see the wonders of it. If the bone of nose is increased, nose is closed; snoring is like this that they have taken the form of dangerous situation that all the members of the house have become fed up. The storm of sneezes that in one time you have thirty sneezes and they do not becomes better from any tablet of anti allergy. My observations: My friend, Mansoor sir said such people who remain the victim of weakness of mind, deficiency in memory and tension of muscles, to put the local ghee in a dropper and then putting it drop by drop in the nose, will give them such health that the people who used to see and listen will become surprised. The experiences of this act were getting received in a regular way. The one who used it were happy and satisfied. One man said that I was involved in depression and problem of not getting dreams. Even this that due to not being able to sleep, the pain used to remain in the eyes and head. From when I have used this tip of local ghee, I am myself shocked that I thought myself as the hopeless patient, how I became healthy? You may also use it. The local ghee shall be only of the cow, put in the nose for some time and then see the wonders of the mercy of Lord.