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High Blood Pressure And The Gift of Medicine With Magical Effect

Every day jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Phd America), The last solution of problems of young people: One man of young age nearly of twenty three years came to me that every day at night he gets impure in the condition of sleeping and sometimes at night it happens like this very much time. I give him these same tablets and did advice that does complete prevention with the spicy, fried and hot things. After the use of few days only the patient became alright. Instead such diseases of young people which do happen in young age, the discussion of whom I cannot do with detail, how much quickly I saw them getting alright with this medicine, apart from using countless tips also never ever I saw the effect of any tip so quickly. I have found it very much elixir in the warmth of masana, spermetoorhea etc and other diseases. Such patients of allergy who used to keep the medicine in their pocket all the time, they have done very much praised of this medicine and with the use of few days only they have got rid of the allergy forever. Whenever I have made the patients of high blood pressure use this tip so the patients of high blood pressure has given me very best result. The new patients got benefit in few moments: The body of one lady was tilted towards very much obesity and there was fat on the body. Even this that, she was able to walk in the house also with very much difficulty. Along with the complaint of blood pressure there was this complain also that she gets angry very much and very quickly. I made her use this same medicine and told some preventions of food. You do believe that now that lady can walk on the stairs of house, even this that she is able to reach to the third floor also. In my experiences also this tip has proved to be very much beneficial in such patients who got involved in old high blood pressure are using medicine from very long time. It gives the benefit to new patients in few moments (In sha Allah tala) the end of sugar, blood pressure: The wife of my one relative had to go to the big hospital of Rahim yar khan regarding to her delivery. I also went with him. We were sitting outside. The family members of the patient were also sitting on the grass outside on the plot. During this the discussion of treatment and medication started. In front of us there were the plants of rose. One man was from the care taker of patients, he said the one who smells the flowers of rose his blood pressure remains normal. He was one dispenser in real and he used to practice in the village. He told that I used to crush the flower of rose and small chandan equal in weight and give it to the patients. The patients of high blood pressure becomes alright. I said that if you may add few more ingredients in this tip so for sure you will get very much benefit. Then I introduced myself to him and told my experiences of wide range of years related to this tip. He wrote those ingredients on the paper of box of siggrett. During this over there one more man was sitting who has left in Saudi Arab Damam till very long time and spent the duration of 17 years over there. He became shocked and said that in Saudi Arab only one hakeem has the liscense of hikmat and he is hakeem Meraj ul Hasan sir in Makka Mukarrama. The people of Saudi Arab and big great sheikh use to do very much trust on him and they use to take medicine from him. My guardian had sugar, blood pressure and many other diseases. So the hakeem sir wrote one tip and gave it to my guardian. In it also there were the ingredients like this because I used to go and bring it meaning from the pinsari. Then he told the signs of few ingredients of that tip. Then he himself started telling that my guardian used to make this tip. He made it only three times that he became alright and I saw him myself that otherwise I have no relation with Hikmat and medical. This tip is matchless and elixir: Readers! I made one brief tip on the basis of my wide experiences, the benefits of whom can also been read by you and be will read it more. As the abundance of patients instead all the patients have become the habitual of eating the medicines of allopathy and they are the medicines of high potency meaning the last medicines of energy so the substitute of it are pearls and jewels, amber and kastoori in medical. If these ingredients may not be added so the tip gets prepared and gives the benefit also but the wonder which comes by adding these ingredients and which make the tip as beneficial and wonderful in the wonders, it is outside my ability of telling. The tip which I wrote and then which I am myself using from a long time and other doctors, Hakeems(Doctors) are using this same tip with trust, I have to present it in your service but it is a request that does not change the ingredients of this tip and do not even add any other medicines in it by yourself or by anyone who use to tell. Instead use this tip in a regular way. Readers! The tip which I am telling you now, the medicines in it shall be fresh and pure. Especially the baradah of wood of white sandal should be pure because my life has spent on these two tips and I have got experiences while making the medicines. That is why if the ingredients will be impure so the benefits of the tips are not those which are desired. Well, this tip is elixir and matchless. Whoever used it, he found it beneficial. Sequence, procedure of using and prevention: The healing: Red flower of Iran pure, as roll or small chandan, gond kekar, dry kashneez, pure white sandal, seed of kaahu maqshar, seed of cardamom, khorad. Take 50 grams of each of these, after crushing and grinding very much finely in the water of skin of kararjan make the balls equal to the size of chick peas. The amount of intake is 2 tablets four times in a day. If the diseases less, so take two tablets three times in a day otherwise use two tablets at morning and evening also along with the water before one hour from eating food or after two hours. During this if you have restrain so use the medicines of doctor otherwise you will not need them. Do prevention with the spicy, fried and hot things. In above mentioned tip the discussion of urgent has come. This is one tree and is very much popular. Most of the time it is found in most of the parks and on the side of roads. If you ask with any gardener so you will get to know about the address of it. according to my experience if we do not put the jewels in this tip so then the tip can be prepared very cheaply and the price of one box along with the hard work etc will become nearly hundred rupees. Already whenever I make it on my place, I do not add jewels, pearls, amber and kastoori etc in it. if someone ask so I add them otherwise this tip is very much beneficial, effective and full of advantage in this way. I can also become the patient of blood pressure: the medicine of high blood pressure, the written material of fishari was going on and the benefit of it according to my experiences and according to the experiences of readers was getting expressed. During this one incident happened. it happened like this that one patient took medicine from Lala Moosa. He had this complain that he was involved in the pain of head and he was living by eating the medicines of pain of head. On temporary basis the pain of head used to become alright but then in this way only the days and nights of life were passing. At last someone gave the advice that you may get your blood pressure checked. Although his mind was not towards this at all that I can also become the patient of blood pressure. Well, I got his blood pressure checked so in reality his blood pressure came out to be high. Then the doctor gave suggestion to eat the medicines and told some preventions. It was said by the patient that I have not done prevention till today. I used to eat everything by thinking this as the blessing of the Almighty Allah and use to eat it very much. This how the series kept on going and I kept on spending the days and nights of life with medicine and prevention. One day there was intense pain in my head and my voice was coming out with pain. And now the medicines of doctor have also left doing any effect. During this one man gave me these tablets to use to whom I used as two tablets at morning, afternoon, evening and night, meaning that I used these tablets four times in a day. I got the benefit on temporary basis but after some days only then again that same pain got started. My eyes did not use to get open with tension. Well when I ate these tablets of fishari so I got benefit. I did not eat them again after one day. I got benefit for few days but after few days this pain got started again. The man who gave me these tablets, I did complain to him that at last why the complete benefit do not happen with these tablets so, he told me after asking my all conditions that actually I use the medicine but only one day and then I leave it after one day. He told me to use it for some time with regularity. Well I started using the medicine with regularity, after using the medicine till one month, the pain of my head got finished completely and now I use to take this medicine sometimes but the cure do not gets happen so when the diseases of him gets diagnosed it feels like this that up till now the complete treatment could not happen because of this that the diagnosis of that disease was not done even. (It is continued)