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Whether The Feet Got Produced or The Wheel

New thing, Lahore: Health is equal to thousands of blessings: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America): Respected Father use to give importance to walking on feet. One man was saying this by looking at him that hakeem sir I only see you by walking on your feet and now you are coming while walking on your feet from so long distance, at last what is the reason? The father said that to walk on feet is the health. That man said that in our society one friend got involved in the disease of heart. He got admitted in one hospital of Lahore. The experts of heart of there said that you may go to Karachi. He went there, got treatment till some time but the experts of that place were not able to control the disease. They give the advice that you may go to London for getting the treatment. When he reached to the London so after his complete check up he said that the treatment of this disease is in one cardiac hospital of America, it will be done over there. What else he could do, he reached there. He says this that when I got arrived on the main gate of that hospital so I saw this written on the gate that whether the feet got produced first or the wheel? Over there I kept on getting my treatment done and I got very much benefit. The experts of heart gave them the last and the most important advice of this that you should walk on foot this is the only treatment of yours. It is obvious that the feet has got produced at first, the wheel is the invention of afterwards and today on every place there is the need of wheel and wheel or tire. Today our attention is towards the treatment and medication more than much more than doing the attention towards the lord even but have you ever ponder over this that what is the reason of our diseases? What are such reasons due to which we are getting involved in different kinds of diseases and every single person will accept this thing that the basic reason of this is the life of not being active. Such life in which the movement of foot is less and the movement of wheel meaning tire is very much. In wheel the example of cycle till the car even this that of the airoplain also can be given. One king was very much fit and healthy. One time when he got a meeting with the king of any other country so he asked the secret of the health of him. The king said that to hakeem used to do my treatment all the time. And those hakeem are my feet. Whenever I walk on feet so my feet comes in motion that is why when the movement gets produced in them so all of the body becomes the point of comfort and peace. Not being able to sleep: The clinics of doctors and the offices of surgeons are the point of patients which are unable to sleep but apart from the increase in medicines, the disease is getting increased very much. If you may do attention on your surrounding so you will quickly become aware with this thing that the real reason of it is the life of no motion. I saw this that when the patients who use to complain about this disease tell their conditions while crying a lot so 90 percent of them are those people which are connected to any such department or such profession in which there is less movement and more of mental work. Now when the advice to such people is given of walking on foot everyday so the patients who act up on it with strictness, they start moving towards the health in the surprising way and the problem of not being able to sleep runs away from them till very far. Even this that such patients on which the tablets leaves doing effect, when those same patients make it their habit to walk on feet in a consistent way so then they get the enjoyment of natural sleep. Indigestion and gas: Bus, train, station, market, street, everywhere you will get the advertisement of medicine is digestion. You will get someone who uses to sell tablets, powder or mixture. It would be the demand of every single person that the last treatment of every kind of gas, indigestion etc, the tip of it is this. Right now how many medicines in the country are being produced for the diseases of stomach that much may be would not be getting ready for any other disease. Although, the treatment of indigestion and gas is only and only to walk on feet. When we eat the oily foods and then sit on the chair and there is no walking and roaming around, so the food which we have eaten becomes harmful and then that same food becomes a disease rather than the cure and energy. Chronic constipation: Chronis constipation is one complicated problem. When we eat medicine or tablet so the waste material is clean otherwise than again that same constipation but if the patient of constipation start walking on foot in a consistent way along with the treatment so he may get rid from the chronic constipation. Diseases of heart: As the heart is itself an organ that is moving that is why it likes the movement but when a human being who has a heart becomes lazy and slow and that same human being is not active like the heart so then this same heart becomes resented. Then to make is happy different kinds of ways are adopted in the form of medicines but it is difficult that it would become happy after getting resented ones. Then the treatment of it, prevention and safety precaution is to walk on feet. Only on foot!!! Obesity: Is the obesity untreatable? One officer of police came to me for getting his stomach less. I gave him the medicines and told him to walk for at least five miles on his foot. He did it with attention, only after forty days the body and stomach of him became normal. Even this that, that man had to get his pants thin. Piles: piles is said as to be the disease of sitting in few languages because the piles happen to the people who walk on their feet very less and if the treatment of it is done by walking on feet so it will be very much beneficial. Even this that the patients of piles are not able to walk apparently but when they started walking on their foot and kept on walking in a consistent way, regularly and continuously so the disease did him goodbye forever and the thing which is the greatest is this that to walk on feet is the Sunnah of Prophet (Peace be upon him) and if it is done by thinking it as a sunnah so the reward will not be less and the benefits of world will be gained in free of cost.