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The Missing Thing, People and the Wazifa to Get The Wealth

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and Life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Ph.D. America) Editor of Ubqari, That man was crying. The tears were falling from his eyes. I was continuously taking out tissue paper from my drawer and was giving him. He got married with the daughter of his mother’s sister, some people in the family did not like the relationship of this marriage and they wanted that this marriage may not happen and in reality the decision of nature is very strong, the marriage happened. but in the third week of marriage the era of fight, discomfort and competition started in house that was the end. All those happiness got finished, all those love got finished, and apparently it felt like this that the divorce will happen. The elders sort out the issue togetherly, the marriage kept on doing but there was no such love, affection, the intensity at all. Only after one and a half year the wife went back to the house of her parents after getting resented. Today 11 months have passed. The effort and struggle has been done from all the side but neither any positive thing comes from here nor from there. If the discussion gets increased also so such misunderstanding gets started in the middle from which the conversation which is going on at last becomes finished. He came to me and he was very worried. He said that is there any solution of it? his mother was also along with him, elder sister was also with him and the wife of elder brother was also with him. They said that they used many amulet and whomever we go they say that it is magic. Someone says that the skull is tied and then buried, someone says that the act is done in the skin of cat. When he told his all expenditure which he did for the solution to this problem so how many estimates I made of this expanding so it was nearly three point five million rupees. Three and a half million rupees also went away, the house do not even settle, opposite to this there was hatred come all directions, frustrations, irritations were very much. I was listening to all of the things he was saying. First of all, I made him agree on this that I am giving you one Benediction, you read this Benediction. You do attention and trust on this Benedictions. All the members of the house may recite this Benedictions, whether they have ablution or not, whether they are pure or impure, recite it in every condition in the amount of thousands. How much more you will recite, that much more you will get the benefit and advantage of it. everyone did promise especially I said this thing to that young man that the ladies do recite Benedictions mostly, the men use to say this that either we are not educated or they say this that we do not know how to read Arabic or then they make the excuse of busy schedule and go away from the Benedictions, because man and woman are two tires of the car. Till when one tire of car will not work properly the car cannot work at all. It is important for this that both husband and wife or the man and woman of the house, all may recite this Benedictions. Everyone did promise that we will recite it for sure. Then I gave them the Benedictions. Readers! You so believe that only few weeks passed, I got one written letter from them in which it was written that we do thank you to you. With beatitude of your Benedictions we got the success of that life which we always wanted. The patch up happened among them and all the people who were resented became happy with each other and we are satisfied that we got our brother’s wife again. The house got settled, the hatreds became finished and we got so much things in life which we never even thought. One more family came to me by taking some such story that I was a four years that my father passed away. I was born after two sisters. They were rich people, on some property the relatives did occupy but then also very good amount of property and money remained with them. When the son grew up, he fell in love with one fellow of his college. He forced his mother that I want to marry her. At first his mother refused a lot but the only son was the last lamp of love and affection of mother. At last the mother put all the weapons down. They got married with very much splurge. After few days of marriage only, the daughter in law started saying to the son that I do not like your mother, either you make her go out from this house or else take one separate house and give it to me. As his mother used to live alone in the house, both the sisters were married before. They were busy in the ups and downs of the life of their in-laws. The daughter in law did not even like when they used to come only sometimes. The son was worried! In sometime of start he kept on listening to the things of his wife, at last one day by becoming worried he said in front of his wife that the mother who has made me reached today till twenty eight years from four years, shall I make that mother go out from this house? That indecent speaker said that so then make me go out of this house. Give me divorce and make me reach to the house of my mother. ok if you will not make me reach so I may go myself and she picked up the handbag, took out the car and on the distance of few miles, in one small area there was the house of her mother and this how she went to the house of her mother from one rich society by becoming resented. And then one man came and he gave the car and along with it gave this message also that you may send the papers of divorce please. If you will not send them so we will do contact with the court. Now this family was worried very much. Someone said as magic, someone said as ghost, someone said as hindrance, someone said as hate. The old mother used to cry for the whole day and in the devastated house she used to do the arrangement of food of his son with her old shivering hands and while crying and sobbing she only used to say this that I was at first also a widow in my life, now again I have become a widow. I tried to make the house of my son get settled, this was my fate only. In this way the duration of more than five months passed away. Through some source they reach to me. Mother and son both were the statues of problems and worries. There were little bit tears in the eyes of son also but the mother was crying very much that I have said this to my son that son, there is no issue, you may make me go out of the house, do not make your house devastated and damaged. Already I had spent a life of what happiness. Now it is equal for me that whether I have happiness or not but the son do not get agreed. In front of me the son kept his hand on the shoulder of his mother and started crying very much and while crying he said that: Mother I have seen you flowing your tears only in your old age I may go by leaving the house after leaving my mother who is full of tears and full of sadness, will my internal self accept this? Have I become so much shameless? That day will be the day of my unluckiness when I would say this to my mother that mother you may out from this house! Just because of this that my wife dislikes you. It was a strange confusion that the son was crying and again and again calling this that mother give me place in your feet. I will not get a mother again but I can get a wife. I consoled him and said that be satisfied your mother will also get settled and your wife will get settled too. You just make me this much assure that few words which I am going to give you they will be very much wonderful and the benefits and wonders of it will be very much surprising and you both will recite it. then I said this in a special way to the son that a mother keeps on being in tasbehaat for the whole day, if you will make the excuse of your job, business or busy schedule so then there will be no benefit. The son said with surety that you may remain satisfied, whatever words you will say I will recite them. I give them the recitation and said them goodbye. It is my habit that every day how many patients come to me whether they are of spirituality or physical illness, in the moments of loneliness I do dua also for them and say this to the Almighty Allah SWT that Oh Allah SWT my door is empty, your door is filled, my utensil is empty, your treasures are countless. Lord! A beggar has come at the house of me who is empty, he is the victim of sadness and pains. There was nothing at all on my door, I have send them on your door after giving your name. Allah SWT! Keep the honor of your name and remove the problems, worries, pains, sadness and diseases of them and this how the Almighty Allah SWT use to do very much mercy. After some 2 to 3 months they did contact with me again and we met again. Now those people who met were not two but three. That daughter in law was also along with them and the surprising thing was this that, that daughter in law was also reciting that Benedictions. She was ashamed that I took wrong decision. She said: I do not know why but I felt this that if I will make my mother in law go out of the house so tomorrow the time which will come upon me if I become the mother in law so then my daughter in law will also come. If she did this same demand from me so then what will happen? Just I got this worry and then there was patch up among us. Readers! That Benedictions is (Arabic text). Recite for the whole day, recite in every condition, recite it very deeply, and recite it with much craziness.