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The Dib and Turmeric Powder Joined The Bone

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore Health and Life Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (PhD America) Editor of Ubqari The falling of rope dancer and getting healthy: One man came to me. He said that I went to see the action of monkey owner. The action was this that the rope dancer kept a stick on his shoulder, hold it with his both hands and was walking on very much height on one rope which was stretched. I was surprised that how will he walk on it? He kept on walking because he used to show this act many times in a day every day. After coming in middle he was not able to maintain his balance and fell down. The action got finished and the people picked the owner of monkey and took him away. I was in my thoughts that what will become of him? Because my mind was attentive towards treatment and cure. There was more limit of my shock left that just after three days only he was walking on that same rope. It felt like this that he has no pain and he has not faced any sort of injury till today. Although the injury which he got at that time and the voice of him on it was telling clearly that he has got very much injured. My strange way of getting the tip: I was in this curiosity that at last what such act this rope dancer is having or what is that such formula that due to which he got cured so much quickly? I used to go in his show every day, used to watch his action, used to give him very big note after doing very much praise and honor. He used to become very much happy with my that praise and his shine of eyes was telling that he use to wait for me every day. One day he said that today is the last day, we are going away from here and he told one far away city that over there is the festival of one great person, our show will be there. There was some sadness also on his face but the shine of need of money was more. I said that if you are going so tell me this tip that how you got injured and after getting injured how you became healthy? He said that this is a secret, I have not told it to anyone till today. I insisted him and along with it said this also that if you will tell so tell completely otherwise do not tell. He said that this is very important that if I will tell so completely otherwise I will not tell. The superb tip of dib is present: After thinking for sometime he said that ok it is fine I may tell. He said that dib which is called as darb also in common way, is one grass with straws, which comes out by itself in the corners of fields or in the way of road, with whose straws we make a big besom and the straws of it use to have thorn meaning that if the hand is rubbed on them so the hand get cut just like the sharpness of sword. This plant of dib is available everywhere. One more famous sign of it is this that when you will dig it because we want the roots so the thin and slim root of yellow color will come out in such a way as if it is the branch of kamadya sugar cane meaning that after every short and little gap there will be knot, the branch of a yellow color on which after short and little gap will be the knots of sugar cane just that is our desirable and wanted treatment. Take those roots and make them dry in the shade. If the roots are of 100 grams so add 50 grams of turmeric powder in it. after adding that, add 20 grams of local ghee in it and add 50 grams of honey. It will become like one hard paste. Whether you make balls of it or use it with the spoon. Way to use: Use half spoon at morning before eating anything along with the hot milk three times in a day. You can also use two times. After using it for few days, the old pain whether it is of joints, of thighs, of muscles, whether the apin is of small joints, or of big joints, whether the bone is broken before much time or if you want that the broken bone may get joint, the pain of it may get finish and the comfort may come in the health so for this use this medicine along with the strength of belief. The pain of bone, breaking or by getting injured if the bone do not get broken but the muscles get ruptured or the tissues get torn so for all of this the use of it is very much beneficial and how much attention will be done in it that much more the effect of it will become clear. You also use it for sure: The depressed patients of very much old bones came to me, the patients who were involved in the old pain of joints and thighs came to me, I give them this to use with regularity. Just in short period of time with the mercy of Allah SWT they got very much benefit and all the weakness, irritation and pain which were inside the body, they became finish. It is my sincere advice that you may also use it for sure. Do not think anything as ordinary! Readers! This is that secret which one man gave to me by sending thousands of rupees and by going to the circus everyday and gave it to me in very much secret way. I am giving it to you in very much cheap prize meaning completely free. It is the desire of my life that when the death will come to me so there may not be the heavy weight of mandates on me. I have sent all those mandates to you and have given it to you so that the creation of Allah SWT have got how much benefit from myself, it may get. I will do one request with you that do send the tried tip, observations and experiences of medical like this for sure. The tip which you tried many times till many years or you may not have tried them yourself but any friend, relative or old man of you have tried them, do send them to me for sure. Do not think anything as ordinary. May be it is ordinary for you but important for others!