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The Patient of Sugar and Ladies do Read It for Sure

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore Health and Life Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (PhD America) Editor of Ubqari I feel like keeping every tip after kissing: One uneducated man who was apparently a man of village was sitting in front of me by becoming the statue and collection of very much humbleness and sincerity and politeness. He kept on listening to my sermon on the cassette and he was also reading magazine of UBQARI from many years also. He came to me from very far away while taking one special thing of his area with sincerity, I do not have doubt on his sincerity and love. May the Almighty Allah SWT also grant me such sincerity. He said that I am reading your experiences and observations of medical from many years. Then I also read your book “The experiences and observations of medical”. Every tip and formula is the life of medical, secret of heart and its own example. Whether I may leave one, leave the other and take another, I feel like I shall keep every tip after kissing. While saying all these things his tears were flowing with affection. People think as a talent of them to not tell anything although when I presented him a tissue so he took it with very much respect and kept it in his pocket and cleaned his tears with his shirt and then said that I have tried such such tips where the untreatable diseases ate the life also and the pocket also of the patients. Our house became devastated and damaged, over there your tips gave such energy that the mind remained shocked by itself. I am surprised that I like telling to you meaning to Hakeem Tariq. Although people enjoy by hiding and people think it as their talent to not tell and you think it as your talent in real to tell. The culture which you have made of breaking the misery, it Is very less in the world of medical. Well he was doing very much praise and honor so I said to him that when I give so many tips so you may also tell something but with this promise that I will not keep that also till myself only and I will send it to these millions of readers of ubqari which are waiting every month for my observations and tried experiences and then I will also try very much to send my observations to those countless depressed people whose hearts are worried, whose pockets are empty, the diseases have made their houses damaged and devastated. The doctors are becoming rich day by day and the patients are becoming poor day by day. It is the desire and wish of my internal self that I may send those things till the sad humanity which is buried in the hearts of people or have become lost in the old book from many years. So that the century of science should get that understanding again that know the old tip of the old world is just like that hundred percent beneficial which were beneficial from before like a shining pearl. Gift for hakeem sir: he said that yes for sure I have brought one gift for you and then said that take one local garlic which is pealed one chatank(60 gm), one chatank(60 gm) of local green ginger, one chatank(60 gm) of coriander local and green, one chatank of seeds of pomegranate, if you do not get the ginger and coriander green so you can also use dry. Use one spoon at morning, afternoon, evening, along with the breakfast and food. After telling me this he changed his position of sitting and took out a box from his pocket and after keeping snuff in his mouth and starting looking here and there for spiting it. so I quickly gave him a tissue paper and said that clean your mouth with this. He became happy and after cleaning the mouth with tissue paper he was about to keep it in his pocket so I did the dustbin in front of him that you may not get worried, through it in this. He said that I have tried this sauce very much on the patients of sugar and diseases of ladies and in the diseases of stomach. Both patients of sugar whose wound went till the last limit, became the gangrene, the doctors are giving the advices of cutting the foot or leg or that part of the body where there is sugar, they are giving the advice to cut it, they may also not become worried and not become sad also. You can make this sauce in very much amount and keep it in the fridge. Just use one spoon at morning, afternoon and evening and then see the wonder of it. The sugar of last stage also gets finished, the wound get healed and the injury from which the blood and puss keeps on flowing, it get completely finished. The people on whose leg and foot are the injuries and by pressing the finger on them the marks come and the swelling gets increased day by day, when I made them use this so found it very much beneficial. Whether the injury is on any part of the body, do use it. If you want so you can also take the amount of intake as half spoon. You can do it more or less. The sugar got finished and the foot became safe from cutting: Well the injury of leg, old wound of sugar: One man had his one part of body meaning all the five fingers of foot cut but the wound of sugar kept on going in front more and more in the form of ulcer. Now the surgeon give the advice of cutting the foot till the ankle. I got to know that he was our far away relative. I got this sauce made and took it to him because he was a very rich man. While telling the benefits and wonders of this sauce to him I took half an hour with very much difficulty while saying this he said that I do not believe on these tip, they make the disease more bad, well you are my well wisher so I may try using it. already the doctor is giving me antibiotic. He will cut my foot after one and a half month. He himself said that there is no issue, half of the foot has already been cut, if this will also be cut so there is no issue. I said him with very much confidence that you keep on using with this medicine with this belief that you may be comforted and do trust and use this medicine with regularity. With this medicine your foot will become safe from cutting and the sugar will get finished. The vomit comes, nothing gets digested, all the time keeps on eating the medicine of gas and indigestion, is not able to do walk this swelling of stomach, indigestion of stomach, this constipation, all will get finished. The damage of inside, gas, indigestion, dryness, acidity and constipation will become finished and your health become normal. I came back after giving small box of sauce and kept on doing the dua in my heart that o Allah SWT he may use it for sure, keep my honor and dignity for sure. After some two and a half week I got his message that come and meet me. When I went so the man who was listening to me while lying down, he was sitting with the support of pillows and there was shine and brightness on his face. When I went so he met me with very much energy. Very much good things and food and tasty delicious dishes came for me. He said that first of all I will like to say very much sorry. Whether I shall say it this belief or the abundance of money, I never had trust on these tips. On that day I used the sauce when you made me understand very much. At first I had the feeling of little bit burning, I thought it as the disease is coming out that it is better that the enemy may come out and do not remain inside and I kept on using it. then I got such comfort from it in reality that I used to feel like this that in my urine and waste material the fiber of my wound is coming out and the fiber has also started coming out from the wound. With the use of one week I left the antibiotic. My heart said it itself that there is no need of it and a comfort came in my nature and the wound started getting healed. After showing me the bandage he said that now that wound was of the size of one hand, now it is remaining till the size of one circle coin and that is also not deep from inside. The skin is coming inside it and itching also happens which is the proof of this thing that the wound is getting healed. The body become fresh, sleep best, health matchless: then he said that the system of my stomach has become very much better. After eating anti biotic my stomach was damaged and my health and muscles kept on being irritated. I felt like this that someone may do my massage for the whole day. My sons only come near to me for taking care of myself. The servants have become tired by doing my massage. Now my body is fresh, my sleeping pattern is best and my health is matchless. I eat everything, it gets digested very nicely. There is quickness in my nature and he was saying one thing again and again that my foot got safe from cutting. Whoever used it remained healthy forever: That man of village to whom I will say a doctor now was taking praise from me through the eyes after telling these things with sincerity in front of me. I really praise and honored him that this is the wonder of sincerity that you did so much effort. Then he told many more incidents from which the patients of sugar became healthy. My father used to tell this also and used to make and give to few people also. 17 years have passed that my father got died, he got died in very old age. From that day I am giving it to people with regularity and my father kept on giving this to people till 20 years. Whether the patient is how much old of getting his stomach damaged, food poison or such people who has singrahni meaning they get the need of passing waste material very quickly, whenever they eat food or the stomach gets full they have the wound of legs and foot, gas, indigestion, constipation, pain of joints and to those patients of sugar my father used to give this. Whose disease use to get worse, whose sugar never get controlled. Just this was their last and full tip of getting cured. To how many people I gave, whoever used it with trust, I found him healthy and cured forever. Message of health, fitness and cure: Readers! The tip which that doctor of village gave was one surprising tip of antibiotic, to whomever it was given and whoever used it got the message of health and fitness and cure for sure. You also use it for sure by closing your eyes in sugar, gangrene, old wound, injury on leg or foot and in every disease of stomach then see the 100 percent wonder of it.