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Keep Three Things Oily, Get Safe From Many Diseases

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore Health and life Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: This is a story of nearly 25 years before today, my book which is the collection of my those essays which are actually medical experiences and observations, which I have written in different newspapers and magazines and millions of readers gain benefit from it, every single essay of it was superb and matchless but right now I will make the readers be attentive towards one essay and experience and it is of nose, belly button and maqad (the place of urination) meaning to apply oil on these three places. Prevention from sand, dust and poisonous gasses: nearly it is a story of one month before that I went to multan regarding the clinic, I spend some time with the hakeem sir who was good from always, as we sat in our car that he could his hand inside his pocket and took out one small box. I thought that he has taken out the box for keeping the niswar in his mouth but no, it was one common and simple Vaseline. Which he took out with his small finger and applied inside his nose; first he applied it in the right nostril and then in the left nostril and then with both the fingers he rubbed the nose from outside very nicely. He said that you may also apply it, so I also applied it. I remembered the essay which I wrote very much time before and the routine of my life. I also do like this but I apply the oil. Hakeem sir said that apply oil, apply local ghee or Vaseline, the area which is inside the nose, it is very important for it to remain oily all the time. The winds which are full of dust, smoke, sand, dust particles, and poisonous gasses goes through the nose in our body and our nose use to be completely dry. Just this is a beautiful secret of health that it should not be dry. Readers! I am going through the observations of applying oil in the nose from many years. But I like this thing of hakeem sir that the oil gets flowed very quickly and Vaseline remains stuck till very long time and it keps the internal area almost oily. In the era of machines, for the people who spent the life of machines: Such people who are spending the life of machines in this era of machines, they do not have time to comb their hairs even, they do not get complete sleep, moreover this that the busy schedule of mobile phone or net has made them far from their wife and children. I will do request from them for sure that they should keep their nose oily. Keep the simple Vasiline in box of small size and with the small finger apply the vasiline inside the nose at least three times in a day. Now I am telling few benefits of keeping the internal area of nose oily: Be attentive! Note in your special diary. It is the advice that that diary should not be of paper but of heart because the words of paper get erased but the words of heart do not get erased. 1) Whether it is how much old pain of head which do not goes away with any medicine. 2) Dizziness, holding the head all the time, spinning of head, to fall down while walking. 3) Depression, frustration, discomfort, pulling of muscles, tension of mind, irritation in nature. 4) Every time anger, deficiency of sleep, pulling of muscles and joints. 5) The fight of house, every time shouting of husband and wife. 6) Anger of children, disobedience of children, where there is attention and training over there the deficiency of spicy things in food, doing of acts and keeping the nose of children oily. 7) Weakness of memory, to forget things. 8) What thinking, what saying, doing something and saying something else. 9) Weakness of eye sight, the increase of number of eye sight regularly, to see 2 of 1 thing, water coming out of eyes, blurness. 10) Broken body, to feel like that someone may do my massage all the time, irritated and frustrated nature, pain of legs, pain of back. 11) Problems of stomach, the food not becoming the part of the body and the blood not getting made properly. 12) Dryness of skin, blackness in the color of it. 13) The formula of keeping the nose oily has also been tried on such people who were the patients of hysteria, they used to have the episodes of it, it proved to be very much beneficial over there also, even this that it turned out to be very much effective in the episodes and epilepsy of children. The special secret of beauty and attraction: The ladies who want to be beautiful and attractive and the men who do not want to become old before the time they should keep their nose oily three times in a day for sure. There the oil has to be applied in the nose, it should be in the form of local ghee, vasseline or oil, the oil should be of olives or mustard seeds, of peanuts or pumpkin. Well the oil is very important for belly button and maqad also. To sit on foam, naan, qulchay, spices and chilies and the abundance use of oils and fats is making you involved in very big diseases. To get safe from it for 100 percent, it is very important that the maqad should be oily. Do appreciate this small tip: Readers! You will say that so much benefits are there of one small tip. After accepting your point I will do this request only that the thing which is coming in my observation from twenty five years and the tip which is tried from centuries and millions of people have done it so how many benefits of it should be present. We have made our lives like desert by leaving these tips. Then we have produced the colorful diseases by eating several kinds of weird and colorful medicines. What is your point of view? Why are the small tips free or without any price? Will you not appreciate them? Do you buy the colorful and precious tablets by giving green and red notes? We come out from one disease and enter in another and this how we lose the days and nights of life in these diseases. Come let’s do promise. Come! Let us do promise that we will decorate our lives with these tips and to the construction of our generations and of ourselves also. It may not happen that we may invest the income of our lives in the medicines and hug the tension and poverty. I do not want that it may happend like this. That is why for millions and billions of people I fine and bring such priceless but superb tips. Is there anyone who would do appreciate my work? I am satisfied that my each and every single word gets appreciated and people use to do it and they tell their observation. You also tell for sure. Allah SWT also likes the open handedness. The service of creature has the worth in the court of Allah SWT. Be my partners in this service and do tell your observations for sure.